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Is Work Stress Weighing You Down?

Jim Lucey

Is Work Stress Weighing You Down?

A little while back RTE Radio did a programme with Professor Jim Lucey of St Patrick’s Mental Health Services about work stress. For most people in the workplace stress arrives when there is so much work to do that you don’t know where to touch ground, but work stress as far as Professor Lucey is concerned, can also be the result of doing to little or having no responsibility.

Professor Lucey who was talking to Sean O’Rourke was saying, “Work is stressful, and so what we do about that stress is important. Anxiety, depression, burnout and substance misuse may all arise directly or indirectly from stress in the work environment. At their most extreme, work-related stress issues make up a significant amount of the agenda for those who go on to complete suicide.”

According to the professor workstress can be seasonal, recurring or intermittent. He also mentioned a study carried out in the UK at Whitehall (the British Central Governmental Administration area in London) to find out how work stress relates to cardiac arrest.

The professor who carried out the studies in the UK, Sir Michael Marmot, had concluded that cardiac arrest was related to the amount of responsibility one carries in the work place. The finding was that work load and control of the work experience was equally responsible for causing work related illnesses like heart failure.

Professor Lucey continued saying, “In reality lifestyle synergy is important to the growing knowledge-based service economy in Ireland and in the rest of Europe. The motivation and commitment of an employee is the most valuable asset a service buy valium amazon industry employer has. Many of the more enlightened employers have come to realise that maintaining the mental health of their human capital is good for the bottom line!”

Employees have to deal with everyday stresses while they are at work, for example: the kids are at schooled and they have to be fetched at a certain time, the nanny costs allot of money and your wages is not always enough to deal with these type of overheads. “Wise employers understand the interdependence between employer and employee. When this understanding is lacking the result is stressful alienation, misery and low productivity.”

Professor Lucey’s advice on how to cut back on stress-related problems is to manage it by taking small steps at a time, “A wise man once said “never manage stress by examining the big picture”. Also check for the reasons you are experiencing stress. Are you tired, irritated or exhausted? Then try and focus on dealing with these issues one by one.

Other advice from the Professor is that you get enough exercise, 20 minute vigorous exercise 3 times per week; reduce caffeine and nicotine intake; get more sleep; eat more times a day in smaller amounts, for bursts of energy; keep your sense of humour; always try to communicate pleasantly.

A final word from Professor Lucey, “The politics and pressures of the workplace are not going to go away. It used to be said that the rule number one for the employee was “never fall out with the boss”. In today’s work environment the first rule must be “never lose respect for your mental health”.”

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