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What’s happening with St Theresa Gardens?

Theresa's Gardens

For the past few years, St Theresa’s Gardens in Dublin 8 has been the topic of many a meeting between the local residents and the Dublin City Council. Last year, it was announced that the regeneration project, which was set up to help the residents will finally go ahead with plans to knock down a portion of the flat complexes. An additional part of said plan was to expand the pre-existing dwellings not scheduled to be demolished for their residents. Its almost one year on and today I went back up to the flats to see what progress was been made.

The middle block has been knocked down and a railing has been erected around the plot. I spoke with a couple of construction men who were working on the site were the middle block used to stand.  I asked them what was happening and if there were plans to demolish more flats. At the moment, plans for further demolition are hiatus until sometime next year. The plot where the middle block of flats used to be is currently been cleared out of any stones and grass seed is to be laid. The construction men also informed me that they were only there to clean the area off as they were engaged as landscapers.

So if they are laying grass seed down what’s happening with the regeneration project? While I was there I counted two flats occupied in the flat complex facing the since demolished middle block, most of the balconies are also blocked off and you can’t gain access from the stair wells.

It would seem that funding cuts has had the impact of delaying the proposed redevelopment of the area.  It does cause one to think of the poor people left to live in what is now quickly becoming a ghost estate, on the positive side at the Council are at least trying to keep the area aesthetically pleasing.   

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  1. Anita Mc Mahon says:

    Good Morning Alan

    My grandparents are one of the last families remaining in the middle block. They are desperately trying to get out of their flat and into a house, but unfortunately their is none available at the moment. In your piece it says “on the positive side at the Council are at least trying to keep the area aesthetically pleasing.” this is unfortunately not the case at all, as on my grandparents side, they have had to board up the balconies and the stair wells to stop the people taking drugs. when they open their door they see a metal door where their neighbours used to be. After over 64 years of living in Saint Teresa’s Gardens and with the block facing them being knocked down and all their neighbours gone, they have no support network and feel very isolated. We have spoken to the Council and we know they are trying to rehouse them, but what they are proposing at present is not acceptable for them at this stage in their lives. Every day is a constant battle living the way they do.

    Thank you

  2. Alan Finn says:

    Hello Anita thank you for pointing out these issues with us, as we do try and get both sides to each story. Would you please get in touch with our head quarters we are only based in James Street, a stone throw from the flats and we can run your Grand Parents story something should come out of it our main office is 01-453-2936 or you can leave your name and contact details at

    All the best


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