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Upcoming Liberties Fun Run

The 15th annual Liberties fun run in aid of St James’ s Hospital will take place at 7:45 pm on Wednesday July 19th. Every year, over 1500 people get together to take the 4 mile run for charity through the old and historic parts of the city. This year should be more popular than ever.

The route will begin in grounds of the Royal Irish Hospital Kilmainham and run through well-known areas of the Liberties like St James’s Gate, Francis Street, The Coombe, Fatima. It will then finish back at the Royal Hospital

It was recently announced on Facebook that this year’s proceeds will go towards the physiotherapy department in St James’s Hospital. The supportive staff there work with patients who need rehabilitation after serious events like cardiac arrest and other conditions.

It can take a team of support to work with patients and get them back on their feet after serious illness. St James physiotherapy department has helped people to get their lives back.

If you’d like to support the department and run in this year’s event, you can either donate thirty-five euro, or you can take the option to fundraise for the event and enter free.

It may be the perfect way to get out and about when the Summer weather finally kicks in!

Anyone interested can find the registration form for this year’s event here:















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