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Twenty Two New Phone Boxes Installed In Dublin

Twenty Two New Phone Boxes Installed In Dublin – Dublin’s old phone boxes to be repurposed as information kiosks

The new ‘Digital Pedestals’ featuring a modern design, touch-sensitive screens and advertising space are being installed by Eir in the capital.

A spokesperson for Eir said these new digital kiosks “are designed to play a role that is more suitable to city life today, not only as a point of connectivity, but as an information system for the local authorities services including mapping systems for visitors and residents when life returns to normal.”

The new kiosks will be “suitable for wayfinding and where the council can advertise upcoming festivals and services, all housed in a modern aesthetically pleasing unit,” Eir said in a report to Green Party Councilor Janet Horner.

Horner the Green Party Councilor for North-inner city Dublin has been calling for a number of existing phone boxes in the city to be removed due to disuse or disrepair and says installing new phone boxes will clutter Dublin’s streets.

ComReg removed the Universal Service Obligation (USO) for the provision of payphones since the start of the year. As part of negotiations leading up to that decision, Eir agreed to work with councils to provide them with alternatives to the old kiosk style payphone.

Eir told Horner in a recent response that it plans to install these alternative payphones “to meet modern needs because the homeless use payphones to access DCC’s Homeless Services.”

DCC along with the other three Dublin councils are concluding the final draft report of a strategic study to ensure that the councils provide the best possible customer experience for the City and across the Metropolitan area in line with international experience, rapidly changing technology and available resources. Eir awaits the conclusion of this report and are poised to assist in any way they can for this worthwhile endeavor,” Eir said in response to Horner. 

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