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Traffic Restrictions For The Kilmainham to Thomas Street Travel project

Traffic Restrictions For The Kilmainham to Thomas Street Travel project

Work has begun on the the Kilmainham to Thomas Street Travel project, a core active travel network funded by the National transport Authority.

The project aims to improve cycling and walking facilities from Kilmainham Gaol to Thomas Street. 2.6km of high quality facilities will be put in place, extending from South Circular Road/Kilmainham to Suir Road, Grand Canal View, St James Linier Park, James Walk, Forbes Lane, Marrowbone Lane and Thomas Court to the junction with Thomas Street.

Phase one of the project includes Marrowbone Lane, Forbes Lane and St James Walk to Rialto bridge.

A number of traffic diversions are being put in place during the first phase of the project:

Marrowbone Lane: A temporary stop/go system will be in effect.

Forbes Lane: A one way system towards South Circular Road will be put in place. All parking on the North Side of James Walk will be removed.

Rialto bridge Junction: Left and right turns from South Circular Road on to James Walk will be restricted.

Phase 1 of the scheme (Interim)

The first phase is to put in place an interim scheme which will deliver the majority of the facilities, with the creation of 1.8km of new cycling and pedestrian walkways. New road markings, cycle logos and signage will also be put up along the route. During this phase:

There will be a new two-way cycle track segregated by lane dividers and bollards along St James Walk.

There will be a one-way cycle track along Marrowbone Lane.

Pedestrian Crossings will be improved.

There will be a shared use lane for car traffic and cyclist traffic on Grand Canal View, Forbes Lane, Marrowbone lane and Thomas Court.

It will link up with a share with care section through t James Linier Park for cyclists and pedestrians.

Suir Road- Davitt Road Junction will be upgraded.

Phase 2 of the scheme (Permanent)

The second phase of the scheme is due to be delivered between 2024 and 2026, in order to allow for minor alterations to the layout if it is necessary. Phase 2 is still in the design and concept development phase, and work is being undertaken by a multi-disciplinary development team. Further consultation will take place before its implementation.



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