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Today’s Daffodil Day!


Today’s Daffodil Day!

Today, Friday the 11th of March, is Daffodil Day. This year the Irish Cancer Society will be celebrating its 29th Daffodil Day in Ireland. Thousands of volunteers will take to the streets tomorrow to collect donations for people who are living with cancer.

The volunteers will be selling daffodil flower brooches and fresh daffodils to raise money for the various hospices around the country. There are nine inpatient hospices in Ireland who caters for patients with cancer – three in Dublin and the others in Cork, Limerick, Galway, Sligo, Donegal and Kildare.

Hospices cater for patients with cancer in their catchment areas and also provide a home care service. The collections raised in Dublin will be applied to the three hospices in Dublin – based in Raheny, Nassau Street and Blanchardstown.

Cancer affects one in three people in Ireland and an average of 20,063 new cases are diagnosed every year according to the latest CSO figures. An estimated 8,781 deaths occur as a result of cancer each year. Death incidents related to cancer is highest among 75 + year olds.

In 2012 the number of people who were living with cancer amounted to 128, 912. Cancer affects more 50 – 64 years olds than any other age group, 30.8% of new cases belonging to this age group. According to the National Cancer Registry of Ireland more men are affected by cancer than women. Among women breast cancer is the most prevalent of cancers and among men prostate cancer is more prevalent.

The Irish Cancer Society was founded in 1963 and is a national charity in the Republic of Ireland dedicated to eliminating cancer to improve the lives of those living with this life threatening disease. If you don’t see the Daffodil Ladies tomorrow you can always donate online here:  

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