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Tito’s Dead and Going Through The Roof


Kieth Duffy’s Wife, Lisa, a fashion stylist, holding up a copy of the book

Tito’s Dead and Going Through The Roof

Last night I went to the official launch of “Tito’s Dead” by Dermott Hayes in Bruxelles on Harry Street.    I interviewed Dermott originally when the book was published (Link here) and was looking forward to catching up again, however when I got there I quickly found out I had a better chance of catching up with the Pope!

Bruxelles was packed with plenty of well known Celebs turning up to show their support.


So after purchasing the new book I found myself standing in line to get my copy singed, also standing in line was local councilor Manix Flynn, Dave Kenny (Kenny Wild), Keith Duffy (Boyzone), Shames Smith (Irish Film sensor) and that was really just the tip of the iceberg.


Kieth Duffy, Philomena Lynott and Patrick Treacy

I found myself in a corner from where I could watch the proceedings and before long I was having a chat with Terry Mc Mahon. Terry is an Irish Film maker and responsible for that wonderful Independent Movie “Charlie Casanova”. He filled me in on the new project he was working on titled “Patrick’s Day” and I have to say it sounds just as intriguing as his last film. During our conversation Terry mentioned he had written a lengthy speech and let me tell you when he read it out the place was in stitches.


I also managed to nab Kevin O’ Kelly from the Thomas House on Thomas Street who said he wouldn’t miss it for the world.


So when all the speeches were done, the books were singed and the drinks were drank, it was time to go and just on my way out the door I managed to catch Dermott alone for a quick chat. He seemed very happy with the night, however something tells me, the night was only just beginning for Dermott.

Well done Dermott, keep up the good work.


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