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The End of the Tivoli Theatre

The End of the Tivoli Theatre  – In this article photographer Stephen Davis chronicles the demolition of one Dublin’s best loved theatres.  This time it was a bulldozer behind you.  


The Tivoli Theatre is no more, its stage lights never to shine again.


No more the strum of a electric guitar, the dancing teenybopper, the sound of a wrestler hitting the mat or the sound of the child shouting in glee “he’s behind you” during the annual Christmas panto.


Like the carcass of a once majestic animal its bones have been picked clean to feed the cubs of the new Celtic Tiger.


A new flat pack apart hotel where it once stood.


Francis Street and The Liberties has lost a little bit more of its character on it’s journey to towards

becoming Dublin’s latest tourist attraction Liberty Park World, where the whiskeys are older then the


 All photos taken by Stephen Davis
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  1. jennifer winder-Baggot says:

    Thank you for chronicling this sad demise. I’m glad to have seen the photos. A real loss.

  2. Admin says:

    You are of course, very welcome!

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