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Time Please Ladies and Gentlemen

Time Please Ladies and Gentlemen – Another Dublin institution closes its doors for the last time, Stephen Davis takes a moment, to relate its history

The Clock Pub on Thomas Street was more than just a place to have a drink. It was a cosy slice of old Dublin, a hub of live music and sports, and a landmark of the Liberties area. But after decades of serving the community, the pub sadly shut for good on February 20th 2023.

The history of The Clock dates back to the 1600s, when the buildings at 61 and 62 Thomas Street were a brewhouse and malthouse, and an inn called The Blue Boar respectively. The pub got its Clock name from the large clock that adorned its facade which was originally installed by Guinness in 1912. The clock became a symbol of the pub and its neighbourhood and was featured in many paintings and photographs over the years.

The pub was known for its friendly atmosphere, its loyal customers, and its eclectic décor. There were clocks everywhere inside the pub, as well as memorabilia from various sports teams and musical artists. The pub hosted live music events regularly, featuring local bands and singers. It also had four big screens for showing sports matches, especially rugby and soccer games.

The Clock was one of the few remaining traditional pubs in Dublin’s city centre that had not been renovated or modernised. It retained its old-fashioned charm and character, which appealed to many customers who wanted to escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life.


However, like many other pubs in Ireland, The Clock faced challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It had to close several times during lockdowns and restrictions imposed by the government. The loss of revenue made it difficult for the pub to survive in an increasingly competitive market.

On February 20th 2023, The Clock announced on its Facebook page that it was closing down permanently. The post thanked all the customers and staff who had supported the pub over the years. It also expressed hope that someone would take over the premises and keep it as a pub.

The news of the closure was met with sadness and shock by many people who had fond memories of visiting or working at the pub. Some commented on social media that they would miss their favourite spot for watching games or listening to music. Others shared stories of celebrating birthdays or anniversaries at The Clock. Many wished the owners well for their future endeavours.

The closure marks another loss for Dublin’s pub culture, which has been hit hard by Covid-19. Many pubs have closed permanently or are struggling to stay open. Some fear Dublin will lose its unique identity as more pubs are replaced by chain restaurants or cafes. Whatever happens next one thing is certain: The clock Pub will always have a special place in many people’s hearts.


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