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Teeling Whiskey Revival

Teeling Whiskey Revival

Teeling Whiskey Revival

Teeling Whiskey’s Distillery opened earlier this year since it was first founded by Walter Teeling in 1782. The Teeling’s has brought out a limited edition 15 Year Old Single Malt to celebrate their come back after 125 years.

This limited edition Irish whiskey is called The Revival and is one of three bottles in the Vintage Reserve Collection. The other 24 year old and 33 year old Irish Single Malt whiskey in the Vintage Reserve Collection is to be unveiled later.

“The opening of our new distillery was a major milestone in the history of Teeling Whiskey. It took three years of planning, hard work and significant capital investment, but now Teeling Whiskey is finally home. To mark this occasion, we have selected a very special whiskey to celebrate the Revival of distilling in Dublin. This will be limited to only 10,000 bottles and sold both through our distillery as well as our domestic and international distributors,” Jack Teeling the founder of the Teeling Whiskey Company commented on the The Revival whiskey.

The Revival was distilled in 1999 and there is only 10,000 bottles up for grabs. The whiskey was matured in ex-Rum casks to give it its rich and golden coloring. Casks is used to help the whiskey breath while it matures and will allow some of the alcohol to evaporate. The Revival was bottled with no chill filtration and bottled at 46%.

It will be for sale in the distillery’s gift shop and good independent off licences at a retail price of approximately €100.00. It will also be exported to places like France, Germany, UK, Belgium, Holland, Australia, Germany and Italy to be sold there in markets.

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