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Teeling Makes A New Proprietary Cocktail


Teeling Makes A New Proprietary Cocktail

The Teeling Whiskey Distillery has developed a new Proprietary Cocktail. This new cocktail is a combination of distillers and wine yeast with a South African twist. But first things first, what do yeast and whiskey have in common.

Most of us think of yeast as an essential ingredient used in the baking of bread. But did you know that whiskey also needs yeast in order to produce the alcohol that makes it a spirit.

Distilleries like Teeling Whiskey use a distillers yeast that extracts the sugars from the barley and releases the alcohol in the process of the conversion, but different yeasts used for beer and wine can also be used to produce this alcohol.

Teelings conducted some experiments lately and chose a white wine yeast that was cultivated by the Agricultural Research Council of South Africa. They used the white wine yeast in combination with their oldest distillers yeast to produce a cocktail with a mixture of tropical fruits, grapefruits and passion fruit flavours. This process takes place in their open Wooden fermenters.

Teelings said on their website about their latest whiskey cocktail, ”While we love a good well-crafted Teeling Whiskey cocktail, we have been experimenting with a new style of “cocktail” here in Newmarket – one of a yeasty kind.

As part of our core belief in creating unique expressions of Irish Whiskey we have been using different raw materials and will continue to do so but we also wanted to come up with our own unique recipe or “cocktail” of yeast strains to ensure our resulting whiskeys always taste different to what other distillers are doing.”

Teeling said they originally intended to recreate an old yeast recipe from the 19th century, but have decided to venture outside the norm and experimented with different styles of yeasts,  including various beer, champagne and wine yeast in varying percentages.

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