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St. Teresa’s Garden Regeneration

St. Teresa’s Gardens was earmarked for regeneration in 2010 and in 2015, Dublin CIty Council announced that the project would go ahead. With the addition of the former John Player and Bailey Gibson sites, it gave the council much needed space for housing in the Dublin 8 area. Demolition work on eight of the blocks and refurbishment of the remaining 2 began in mid 2015 and was completed by the end of the year. Under the council’s plan, in partnership with Hayes Higgins Partnership, planning and construction of  500 new homes was to have began in 2015.

The first phase being the demollition of 3 cottages on Eugene street to facilitate a new access road and the contruction of 50 new homes. However hazardous waste was discovered on the site of a former fireworks factory in June 2016 and work stalled as the council had to call contractors in to deal with the waste. But now in late 2018, the site is still lying idle, with no work taking apparently taking place despite the current housing crisis. And no plans available to view on the DCC website. Below are an overview of the site and some photographs to give some idea of scale. More on this story when further developments on the sit take place.

Overview of the Sites

View toward the former John Player Factory


View toward the Gibson Bailey Site

View toward the Coombe Hospital site

View toward Eugene Street and Lidl/Apartment Complex on Cork Street

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