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Work Underway For Phase Two of St James’s Linear Park

Work Underway For Phase Two of St James’s Linear Park – New park for Suir Road area
This February sees the second phase of a masterplan to regenerate green spaces in St James’s Linear Park along Rialto Luas Line, extending it as far as Suir Road. It has all been part of harnessing the biodiversity of the area, which has been seen as a legacy green space ever since the closing of the Grand Canal Main line in the 1970s.
Phase two of St James’s Linear Park will extend Westward from Fatima Luas stop to Suir Road Bridge and eastward towards Basin View. It includes plans for facilities where local children can play. There will be creative pedestrian features as well as an amphitheatre style gathering space.

These features include accessible calisthenics equipment and landscaping that encourages running, jumping and balancing. There will also be a mix of formal and informal seating.

Interestingly, there’s going to be an edible Garden planted with lots of edible plants and fruit trees. Remember: Local residents and schoolchildren are encouraged to join in the planting in November 2023; with Suzi Cahn from Carraig Dulra Organic and Permaculture Farm leading the way.

Lighting options for the linear park are also being developed in conjunction with DCC lighting.
Much of the work on the Linear Park will hopefully be completed by this Summer although the final section between Fatima and Rialto Luas stops will be completed when the New Children’s Hospital opens.

Phase one saw the implementation of wild-flower meadow-planting, trees and pathways along Fatima Luas Stop.
The goal has been to provide a multi-functional public amenity for the area while also increasing accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians. There has been a clear demand raised for more green spaces in Dublin 8.

Public consultation for the Linear Park took place between September 2018 and July 2019 during which flyers were circulated for various work shops about the project. The value of having a large area of green space, and the benefits of the park in terms of mental and physical well-being both charted highly when it came to voicing net positives of St James’s Linear Park and its surrounding area. One of the main negatives voiced was that it had been historically neglected.

The playground in the Eastern part of the park was one of the key suggestions mentioned back then, so completion of Phase two of St James’s Linear Park should deliver on a much needed amenity for residents of the Liberties.

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