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Shauna Kenny – Another Dublin 8 Rising Star

Shauna Kenny

Shauna Kenny – Another Dublin 8 Rising Star                                                          

Living in the Dublin 8 all of her life, Shauna Kenny, who is just 15 years of age has a lot going for her right now. This young woman from Kevin Street supported Conor Hamilton last Saturday (6th December) at his latest gig at the Academy. Shauna had previously met other rising star Conor Hamilton when both of them attended a stage school.  Last Sunday Evening, I caught up with Shauna as she was taking part at “Listen” the Open Mike event in Solas Bar on Wexford Street.

Shauna is no stranger to the stage she has won several awards as a freestyle dancer (a mix of hip hop and tap styles).  She told me she started to dance at the tender age of 6 years and was just totally hooked. Shauna attends “Atomic Stage School”, which established itself in St Catherine’s just off Marrowbone Lane. About 3 years ago, Shauna asked her parents for a guitar for Christmas, this would turn out to be a fruitful investment.

As she learned, she began to upload her own cover versions of popular songs on Facebook.  Soon these tracks would be reaching 15,000 plus listeners. Among these followers were Dublin boy band “Taken”, who invited her to play her first gig as their support at Buck-Whaley’s.

Unusually modest, Shauna kept her musical pastime to herself.  When I asked her what her friends thought of her musical performance, she simply laughed and told me she didn’t tell them!  I then asked her if her school supports her budding musical career, Shauna attends St Louis High School, I could tell by Shauna’s reaction she hasn’t told them either!  However, she did say she has received great support from her music teacher Miss Kehoe, who has always encouraged Shauna and of course, she has great moral support from her parents Angie & Paul and her older sister Katie, and her younger brother Jack.

Shauna struck me, as wise before her years, when I asked her what she thought of shows like the “X-Factor” and “The Voice”, she felt that they don’t really do any justice for the winners, as they are soon forgotten about after their first single.  Although, she did say she loves Ed Sheridan and Sam Smith.  She pointed out that Sam just arrived from nowhere and has taken Ireland by storm, which she believes is encouraging for anyone starting out on a musical career. It was like speaking to a fully grown adult and not a 15 year, as Shauna spoke about her distain for manufactured bands formed for their collective aesthetic rather than their ability.

Shauna will be making a guest appearance in Conor Hamilton’s new video “Overkill”, which is taken of Connor’s new EP, “Give It a Go”. The music video was shot in and around Georges Street, by Connor’s dad, James of James Hamilton I would like to wish Conor and Shauna the very best for the 2015 and beyond. To check out Shauna Kenny go to her Facebook page.

I asked Shauna one last question, where she would like to be in 5 years time, “easy” she said “at the top”.


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