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Rent Supplement Entitlements

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Over the past 10 years the Social Welfare system in Ireland has become more compound and complicated. As a result many people are not aware of the full rank of support and payments available through the Department of Social Protection and the Health Service Executive (HSE). In times of recession and unemployment when every cent counts it is important for families to know their rights and sometimes that can make a big difference in some people’s lives. If you struggle to pay your rent it is good to know that you might be eligible for Rent Supplement.

1. What is a Rent Supplement?

A Rent Supplement is a payment which may be paid to a person in private rented accommodation who has been assessed as having an accommodation need, who has satisfied income criteria, and who cannot afford to meet the cost of private rented accommodation from his/her own resources.

2. Who Will Qualify?

You will normally qualify for a Rent Supplement if you satisfy all of the following conditions:
• You have a ‘’Housing Need’’.
• The rent payable is ‘’Reasonable’’.
• You satisfy a ‘’Mean Test’’.
• You are a Bona Fide tenant.
• You are lawfully in the state.
• You are habitually resident in the state.

3. Who Will Not Qualify?

You will not normally qualify for a Rent Supplement if you do not meet the conditions above, or if any of the following conditions apply to you:
• You or your partner are in full-time employment (30 hours per week).
• You are in full time education.
• You are involved in a trade dispute.
• You have refused, within a continuous 12 months period, two housing offers made by a Housing Authority.
• You are resident in an institution.
• You made application for asylum under The Refugee Act 1996 and are awaiting a final decision.
• Special conditions may apply to those on employment and education incentive schemes.

There are some examples of the Rent Supplement maximum limits:

• Single person (self contained), living in Co. Dublin or Co. Wicklow-€ 122.08 weekly or € 529.00 monthly. For Co. Kildare – €111.92 weekly or € 485.00 monthly.
• Single person (shared), living in Co. Dublin (Fingal Co. Council) – € 80.77 weekly or € 350.00 monthly. Other Local Authorities– € 90.00 weekly or €390.00 monthly. For Co. Wicklow – € 72.70 weekly or € 315.00 monthly. For Co. Kildare – € 73.85 weekly or € 320.00 monthly.
• Couples (self contained), living in Co. Dublin (Fingal Co. Council) – €122.00 weekly or € 770.00 monthly. Other local Authorities – € 184.62 weekly or €800.00 monthly. Co. Wicklow – € 163.85 weekly or €710.00 monthly. Co.Kildare – € 138.46 weekly or € 600.00 monthly.
• Couples (shared), living in Co. Dublin (Fingal Co. Council) – € 90.00 weekly or € 390.00 monthly. Other Local Authority – € 92.31 weekly or 400.00 monthly. Co. Wicklow and Co. Kildare – € 75.00 weekly and 325.00 monthly.
• Couples & Lone Parents with 1 child, living in Co. Dublin – € 214.62 weekly or € 930.00 monthly. Co. Wicklow – € 196.15 weekly or € 850.00 monthly. Co. Kildare – €173.08 weekly or € 750.00 monthly.
• Couples & Lone Parents with 2 children, living in Co. Dublin (Fingal Co. Council) – €230.77 weekly or € 1000.00 monthly. Other Local Authorities – € 242.31 weekly or € 1050.00 monthly. Co. Wicklow €207.70 weekly or € 900.00 monthly. Co. Kildare – € 196.15 weekly or € 850.00 monthly.
• Couples & Lone Parents with 3 or more children, living in Co. Dublin (Fingal Co. Council) – €242.31 weekly or € 1050.00 monthly. Other Local Authorities- €253.85 weekly or € 1100.00 monthly. Co. Wicklow – € 210.00 weekly or € 910.00 monthly. Co. Kildare- €207.70 weekly or € 900.00 monthly.
*Please note the monthly rates are per calendar month

All recipients of a Rent Supplement are legislatively required to make a minimum contribution of € 24.00 towards their rent.

This is intended as a general guide to Rent Supplement under the Supplementary Welfare Allowance Scheme and is not claim to be a legal interpretation of conditions governing entitlements to this payment.

For full details and application forms of this payment go to:
Information is also available on:

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