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Pearse Lyons’ Distillery Hosts Opening Night

Pearse and Deirdre Lyons held four opening nights the weekend of the 21st of July 2017.

Guests were brought into the new museum (left of the former Church Of Ireland now Distillery) where they were treated to a 20 minute movie recanting the history of the Liberties and Lyons personal attachment to the property (Pearse has four antecedents buried in St James Graveyard).  From the museum, guests were then brought a long a tastefully paved path through the outer rim of the graveyard and into the distillery proper.

The re-purposed church boasts a fascinating interior.  The visitor is greeted at first by mock homages to old Dublin store fronts before they can take in the breath and scale of the refurbishment job, which was headed by Deirdre Lyons.   One is immediately taken back by the beautiful wood beamed roof before they gaze at the four stain glass windows at the East, West, South and North of the church.  Each of the windows tells the story of a part of the whiskey process (collecting wheat, cooper work and distilling) with the fourth a tribute to the Camino de Santiago, for which the area is famous.

The €20 million restoration job was no mean feat, with problems with planning permission on different aspects of the work (the original material for the spire was not glass but copper until DCC said otherwise).

Guests were then treated to a quartet of wonderful singers headed by Ireland’s own Ronan Tynan.  They were then provided with samples of whiskey, which comes in four distinct ranges, having tasted them all, the bespoke whiskey should do well in the Irish market.  The black label range (I believe they call it distiller’s choice) was one of the nicest whiskeys I’ve ever tasted.

For those locals wondering what is to happen to the three houses beside Mc Canns pub (itself now owned by the distillery), the plan at this stage is to turn them into a coffee shop for those leaving the tour around the distillery.

We at the Fountain Resource Group wish Pearse, Deirdre and the Staff at the distillery every success in the future.  Their premise is well worth the trip (even to learn a little more about a gem of an area we all share) and to taste  what is exceptional whiskey!

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