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Pay by Weight – It’s Almost Time


Pay by Weight – It’s Almost Time

In July 2016, households will be introduced to new legislation asking Irish homes to pay by weight for household waste (domestic, recyclable waste (paper, plastic and tin) and glass), this is being done to encourage recycling.

Households will be asked to pay a standard service charge. Waste in Black, Brown and Green bins will be weighed and charged for, adding to the costs of the service charge.

The idea is that “the less your bin weighs, the less you will pay”. Waste collection companies in Ireland, like Greyhound, Thorntons Recycling, Oxigen and The City Bin all charge what they want to, so with the new legislation it will be a case of you paying “approximately” the same for your waste removal, no-matter which company you decide to use.

Here is a few tips  you will have to consider to help you save on waste charges:

Separate your waste
Use your Brown bin
Stop food waste
Decide what can be recycled
Don’t put heavy waste in your residential bins.
Don’t put any hazardous waste in your residential bins
Find your nearest battery box
Reuse where possible


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