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Part Three of the Heuston Gateway Series


Last week we told you about all the plans in store for the Heuston Gateway, these were drafted back in May 2003 under the Bertie Ahern Government. They are huge developments and there are lots to look forward to, provided that this dream of a friendly and connected city is seen through.

Ireland has come a far way since 2008. Enda Kenny lifted the country out of a recession and the Celtic Tiger has been replaced with the Celtic Phoenix. And what we are hoping for is a Phoenix rising from the ashes in the Liberties. Situated right next to the Phoenix Park surely it must be its destiny.

This week we will look at the project in store for the CIE lands. It was proposed back in 2003 that the CIE Building will be build on the West Terrace and the River Terrace with commercial and residential buildings and shops in the offering as well.

For this development to go-ahead re-zoning will be required, it has been suggested that the environment around the station be designated as a Z5 zone. But within this environment will be designated a large area for a Z1, Z6 and Z9 development.

The CIE lands are two pieces of land situated on both sides of the River Liffey. It is 18 hectares and consists of four sites; Heuston Station (sites 2-4) on the south side of the river and Conyngham Road Bus Depot (site 1) on the north side of the river.

The plan for Site 1, on the north side, is to connect it with the Heuston Station sites by developing the West Terrace so that access via Conyngham Road across the river for vehicles will become possible.

A bridge will be build here with enough pedestrian and cycling space crossing the river and the tracks. The present site is being used by Dublin Bus as a Bus Depot and is situated across the gate of Phoenix Park.

If development is to begin here the Bus Depot will be relocated. The lands are quite big and has beautiful river views, faces the Royal Hospital Kilmainham and Heuston Station on the south and Phoenix Park on the north.

It also has views of the new Eircom building at the Heuston Quarter, the IMMA and the Eircom Park facing the river. Two buildings are planned for the site.

On the west side a four to six storey building for commercial use, including one tall building is to be build. Offices and a hotel, the tall building, might take up this space.

On the east side a five buy finasteride online canada story building for residential and commercial developments are on the map. The proposed West Terrace will be an elevated space to the west end of the station, it will connect the N4 on the south to the Conyngham Road on the North.

Then along the river, recreational amenities will feature, this area will be zoned off for a Z9 area. At present the bus depot is zoned Z1.

On the south side where Heuston Station lies are Site2, 3 and 4. The West Terrace extends to this side of the river and flows into the proposed River Terrace and will become a public space to be used for public transport, taxis and private cars – this will become a new forecourt to Heuston.

The Terrace’s will be accessible from St. John’s Road once the road that crosses the tracks are connected. The new bridge will connect Conyngham Road with the rear of the station and then cross the tracks to meet with St. John’s Road.

Another suggestion is to develop the River Terrace on the north side of the station facing the river, at the rear of the station. This River Terrace will be easily accessed from Conyngham Road with the new bridge.

The River Terrace will become a place where commuters and travellers can enjoy bars, cafes, restaurants and retail facilities that look out onto the river bed. A tall building is proposed to the west end of the River Terrace – a possible hotel.

The River Terrace will become a forecourt to the tall building and accessible from the West Terrace (the building will be erected on the eastside of the West Terrace).

The station itself will also be redeveloped to accommodate more passengers and travellers. The building is a protected structure,but there are plans for the interior. Cast iron structures will be removed and more platforms will be brought in.

Pedestrian and cycle routes will connect Phoenix Park with IMMA and the Royal Hospital Kilmainham Park, that has been separated by the river and Heuston station since the 1800’s.

A few final touches is the Riverside Walk along the south bank of the river. This will run below the new bridges and will connect the station with Clancy Barracks. And the rest of the plan is to connect Clancy Barracks to Heuston Station Lands via a tunnel.

This sounds idyllic and should bring plenty of posterity to the Liberties. Let’s hope that the recent drop in the Irish economy, reaching its lowest since 2013 (-3.90 drop), fixes, so that developers can start building.

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