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New ‘Visitor Experience’ Proposed for the Phoenix Park

New ‘Visitor Experience’ Proposed for the Phoenix Park

There’s talk of big plans to improve the Phoenix Park for visitors. The Office of Public Works (OPW) has put forward a total of 29 separate proposals to make the park more visitor friendly for both locals and tourists. But these proposed changes have received a mixed reception. Some argue that the park is in desperate need of work while others say that these proposals will take away from the wilder side of the park that gives the Phoenix Park its charm.

Amongst the proposed changes is an idea to create ‘internal character areas’ to show what different parts of the park have to offer. This would consist of five areas including the ‘Central line’ which is the main road, Chesterfield Avenue, running through the middle of the park. The other areas would then be divided into ‘Quarters’. The Welcome Quarter; located at the Parkgate Street entrance. The Activity Quarter; which would include the zoo and the surrounding area. The Commemorative Quarter; which focuses on the history of the park would be located in the southern part of the park, which includes the Magazine Fort. The Biodiversity Quarter; looks at the wilder side of the park and would be based around the Furry Glen.

One of the more ambitious proposals would be a railway or modern funicular running between the Magazine Fort and the nearby Memorial Gardens in Islandbridge. A funicular is basically a cable car or outdoor elevator which uses cable traction for movement on steep inclined slopes.

Other recommendations includes driverless shuttles running throughout the park, a new train station near the zoo, skateboard lanes, segways, a children’s education centre and new information centres for visitors.

It is not yet clear how many, if any, of these plans will go ahead. The OPW have said that the proposals, should they be implemented, would improve the parks facilities and “increase the park’s contribution to Ireland’s tourism economy”.

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