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New Lidl Store Is Giving Shoppers A Peek At Dublin History


New Lidl Store Is Giving Shoppers A Peek At Dublin History

The middle aisle of Lidl can be a magical place, you only went in to buy some milk and you leave with a drumkit and a set of saucepans. We’ve gotten used to seeing some unusual stuff while shopping there, but how about the remains of an 11th century house?

Opened last month, Lidl on Aungier Street offers shoppers a unique experience. The remains of an 11th century dwelling were discovered during the excavation of the site and glass panels were installed so that the sunken floor structure could be integrated into the design of the new store, allowing customers to view a piece of Dublin history while they shop.

Paul Duffy from IAC Archaeology called it “a unique structure for Dublin” and said “I am sure it functioned as many things. As a house or as an extra space for the family.” He also added “It is a domestic structure so you would have to imagine that there would have been a suburb here of Hiberno-Norse Dubliners who were effectively the ancestors of the Vikings.”

This wasn’t the only part of Dublin history that was discovered and put on display. Located by the store’s checkouts, an 18th century ‘pit trap’ that was once part of the Aungier Street Theatre can be seen below the floor.

Information boards and artwork are on display throughout the store giving people the opportunity to learn more about the history of Dublin.

Vincent Connolly from Lidl Ireland has called this “a very unique opportunity for people to come and see part of medieval Dublin while doing their weekly shop.” He added, “Lidl has over 10,000 stores throughout the world. But this is something very unique and it really makes archaeology accessible to the public.”

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