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Moore Street Hammerson Plans

Moore Street Hammerson Plans –  Craig O Reilly reports on the controversial new development plans for Moore Street

Hammerson has released its plan for the regeneration of Moore Street. The Plan aims to protect the cultural heritage of the area while creating two new public squares, pedestrian routes and the restoration of a historic laneway. The design links in with an overall “masterplan” for the area encompassing upper O’ Connell Street, envisioning 94 new homes, a new public gallery and the creation of a 44, 000 sq.m workspace.

The masterplan will focus among other things on the regeneration of Moore Street, which has an important historical significance to Dublin Central:

A new public square will use pedestrian crossings to link Moore Street with Henry Street.

After years of efforts to retain the historical buildings of Moore Street, the plan commits to the retention of all pre-1916 buildings and fabric along Moore street.

Those who fought in the 1916 rising will be commemorated by a new archway, which the relatives of 1916 association will suggest a name for.

The restoration of the “white building” on Henry Place as a gallery.

No 42 O’ Connell Street, the only surviving Georgian Town house on the street will be restored

The project will integrate the metro link station and provide accessibility from the red and green luas lines.

A new 1,250 sq. m civic square that has the potential to host activities and live events.

The development manager at Hammersmith, Ed Hobbs said:

“Dublin Central will regenerate this important part of Dublin, breathing new life and vibrancy into a unique area with an important history.  Our priority has been to preserve and celebrate the site’s heritage whilst bringing forward an appropriate proposal that seeks to enhance its history and tell its story. We are passionate about reinstating the site as a focal point of Dublin life for the people of our capital city.”

Moore street has been the subject of planning controversy since 1998, when there was opposition to plans to demolish the terrace. In response to this the save Moore Street campaign was set up, and Moore street numbers 14-17 were declared national monuments. Since then there has been some deterioration in the houses.

Ed Hobbs believes this plan is an opportunity to restore the area, and take advantage of its historical significance to attract new visitors and provide jobs.

Some TDs including Richard Boyd Barret have expressed concern that it will change the quality of the street, but Taoiseach Michael Martin has welcomed the plans noting they would enhance the street and provide houses.

There has not been universal support for every aspect of the Hammerson development plan, but Dr Tom Collins, chairman of the Moore Street advisory Board, noted the Hammerson plans are a step forward in that they retain the fabric of pre-1916 buildings.

If planning permission is granted, work will begin in 2023.

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