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Marrowbone Lane is Proud of its World Freestyle Champions!

Emma and Lauren


Last Saturday and Sunday, the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, England hosted the World Freestyle Dancing Championship.  For those unfamiliar with the dance form, the name gives the clue, think RUN DMC in the mid eighties, it’s a highly physical form of street aerobics were by the dancer is not bound by any set rules or timing.  Two local girls made the trip over to Blackpool for the event and guess what? They won!

Emma Coming From The car

Cousins Lauren Murray age 12 & Emma Lennox age 10 travelled to Blackpool to compete at the World championships. Although it’s was challenging for them both to go qualify in Manchester back in February, little did we know that they we would then soon to be crowed as world champions in freestyle after dancing several heats both danced against 70 dancers, both Lauren and Emma are sponsored by UK company design by Janine and are trained by championship qualified teachers Dean & Laura in the Carmelite Community Centre Dublin 2. Not only did Dean & Laura bring home two championships titles from their school, they had many fantastic results over the weekend such as runner up, slow dance winner any many finalists! This is a fantastic achievement for both teachers Dean, Laura and the girls who are very dedicated and committed!

Emma and Lauren and Trainers

I made the short trip from our offices on Echlin Street round to Marrowbone Lane to see family and friends assembled awaiting the Lauren and Emma’s return from the airport.  To say that the locals there were proud as punch is a massive understatement! Their Emma’s father was sure to remind me that the dancing streak comes from his genes!

Proud Family

Why shouldn’t they proud about what these two wonderful girls have accomplished.  They trained for it, and this competition is by no means small, what a wonderful achievement for both them and the community they represent.

Emma and Lauren


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