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Local Residents Unhappy about Widening Paths outside Church


The road works that are being carried out on James’ Street/Thomas Street have recently caused some controversy among residents of the area.  Dublin City Council will be in the process of widening the path outside St James’ Church meaning that church goers will no longer be able use the parking facilities.  The church itself has raised concerns that funeral hearses or cars for weddings will no longer be able to park outside, which will greatly affect services.

Residents of the Basin Street/Ceannt Fort area were interviewed by the Fountain News team, and expressed annoyance of not being consulted.  One resident, Mrs Eagers from Ceannt Fort pointed out that it was already difficult to get parking for services and that this new measure will exasperate the situation.  Theresa Duggan, a young mother of the area had this to say “its coming into the First Communion/Confirmation time of year, there’s going to be a lot of visitors to the church and this kind of thing doesn’t help, my daughter made hers last year and we were waiting nearly 20 minutes to get the car out of the church parking lot, it was that packed”. 

While, other residents were puzzled as to how funerals will be performed if the hearse has to park up the street, Mr Farrell from the Watling Street area, mused “it’s going to be bloody ridiculous, the coffin should be brought in through the main entrance of the church”.

The planned construction work is scheduled to begin in the coming weeks following Easter, and locals have started to make representation to the local councillors and TDs of the area.

We will keep you informed with any further developments.      

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