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Local Family Facing Homelessness


Local Family Facing Homelessness

A young family with 2 children are facing becoming homeless victim.  The family are living in emergency accommodation Parnell Road in Dublin 12.

The complex, which is called St Catherine’s’ gate has in the last couple of days become a meeting point for various housing committees, and local people who have come in support of the family.

The drama began when the mother of the two young children (Catherine Reddington) asked staff to turn on her emergency gas button, when her gas ran out. The gas button is not in her flat but in the office of this complex. There was a dispute and her request was turned down by a female worker on site. This then led to some form of argument in which Catherine stated she was pushed away from the office door.  Over the next couple of days the young couple Catherine & her partner Raymond Farrell where asked to vacate their flat.

The complex is used now to house homeless people as a form of emergency accommodation. The residents who live in this complex pay Dublin City Council for their stay.

We at the Fountain your favourite online digital newswire went up to this complex today Tuesday 8th of December after been informed the evening before of the crisis. It’s believed that the father of the two young children has locked himself in the flat, because he had nowhere to go, for his young children and his partner. Accommodation was offered to the young mother but it would be in separate housing units, splitting up their family. She turned this offer down as she did not want to be housed in a separate unit from her partner Raymond.

Raymond has been refused an ESB card that is needed to work the heating, and work the ESB units in the flat. We are also made aware that the water supply to this flat is only trickling in through the pipes very slowly as ESB is needed to pump the water in. We understand Raymond has offered to buy the ESB card and his offer has been refused. We also heard another tenant who had offered to get an ESB card on his behalf was warned that they could be next to be evicted if they try and help, although no official word or warning was offered while I was there.

I rang the intercom and asked to speak with the management on behalf of your favourite online digital newswire the Fountain. A male approached me from one of the offices. I asked him was it true that they refused Raymond an ESB card, he refused to comment. I asked him who his employer was he said he didn’t know, I asked him was DCC the landlord he stated he “wasn’t too sure” and walked away.

We are also aware that Catherine has a meeting with the homeless services over in Park gate House, to see can they address this problem.

Raymond is still on the property; Catherine has been forced to stay with friends. Local residents have voiced their concerns over the way this siltation has been handled..

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