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Junior Youth’s Wish Us A Happy Christmas, via Digital Art!

Christmas Greetings, via art, from the Junior Youth's!

Our Junior Youth’s, with a little bit of help from their art teacher, Patrick Fay, have drawn another bunch of expressive digital art drawings!

For Christmas 2013, they have given us the usual mixture of greetings. From those who wanted to specifically wish their Dad’s a Happy Christmas, to those who wanted to pass their best wishes onto a certain red-suited gentleman from the North Pole.

There were also the usual quirky one’s too, including one of the girls asking Santa has he been good this year?, completely turning the tables on our grey-bearded friend!

Some of the kids let us know that they had seen Santa, in person, and one sweet one, from Holly (see above) wishes all the children a Happy Christmas…

Well done to all the kids, you all drew some excellent happy pictures!

There are a couple of dozen digitally-produced Christmas 2013 drawings by the kids here>

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