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Irish Famine Memorial in James Street Hospital this Sunday


There is an event taking place at noon on Sunday the 27th July 2014, in what was the South Dublin Union now St James Hospital (near the LUAS stop). This will be the second Marker placement to remember, to give reverence and respect to the Famine Victims who died and are buried on the hospital grounds. Lord Mayor of Dublin Christy Burke, will officiate the ceremony.

The first Marker was placed in the Paupers and Famine mass grave in Newry on the 4th May 2014, which was sanctioned by Newry Council. The Mayor of Newry officiated at the ceremony. There was cross community participation and a multi-denominational service and Blessing of the mass grave. Bill Fahey, an Irish American philanthropist, is funding the initial Markers.

The “Committee of the Commemoration of Irish Famine Victims” (CCIFV) Vision and Mission Statement is to mark all unmarked An Gorta Mór graves when found, as well as to lobby the government for a national remembrance for the victims of the Great Irish Famine.

The third Marker will be placed in Glasnevin Cemetery where tens of thousands of Victims of An Gorta Mor lie in unmarked, unshrouded, and unconfined mass graves the most extensive number of Victims of the Great Irish Famine in one location in the world.

The Markers are of National and International importance after 170 years of abandonment and neglect of the innocents and these graves the healing and grieving can begin, we are the survivors.

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