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Interview with Sandy Hazel of the Cork Street Campaign

The Cork Street Park Campaign held a meeting  in the Co - Op in New Market Square

The Cork Street Park Campaign held a meeting in the Co – Op in New Market Square


The Dublin City Council have agreed in principle to the conversion of a derelict site on Chambers Street and an opening fund €75 000.00 for the project (see Story here).  The Liberties has been in need of more green spaces in keeping with other major European cities and this is welcome news for its community.  We sat down with one of the organisers of the campaign, Sandy Hazel, to find out where the campaign is now and what the plans are for the future.    


Interviewer:  I suppose it would be best to start with if you can give me an overview of where the campaign is at now, I understand, the proposal was agreed by DCC and initial funding for the project is at €75 0000, which has been set aside. So what’s the next step for your campaign?

Sandy: We are delighted that the councillors and the executive at DCC are so supportive of the idea of a park in this space. It will be part of a bigger greening strategy for the South Central area and Liberties, an area badly in need of green spaces and pocket parks, like other European cities have.

The space needs to be rezoned and this will happen soon we hope. DCC has promised a local public consultation also.


Interviewer:  You of course, held a meeting, Monday four weeks ago, what were the agreed outcomes of the meeting?  Was there a good turnout?

Sandy:  We had over 80 people which was a brilliant turnout for a freezing Monday evening. Families tuned up too and the children made their own presentation, which was great (they wish for skate element to the park, and a tree house).

Security issues and maintenance of the park were the biggest concerns from people on the night. It was a hugely positive event with great ideas…water features, green living walls, a space for small events like music and lots more. See our facebook page corkstreetpark for all the pics and report.


Interviewer:  I understand that you have linked your campaign with the “Skated8” campaign, how has the DCC responded to the idea of the proposed skate park amenity being part of your own proposal?

Sandy:  SkateD8 started this park campaign two years ago when we told that a skate space was a possibility, if there was a park to put it in. So we started campaigning for a park and became the Cork Street Park campaign. Rebecca Moynihan and Críona ní Dháligh came on board and helped us lobby for it and pushed it through. So it will be park for the whole community, with some skate element included we hope – we are still asking for that at the moment.


Interviewer:  I am also curious to know as to what else was suggested to be placed in the park?  What were the most popular ideas?

Sandy:  Any play space to include children who are disabled, basketball hoops, green living walls, trees, small amphitheatre for music and events along with lots of other wishes and aims. But we are aware that DCC will also do a public consultation. See our facebook page corkstreetpark for other ideas that came out of the meeting.


Interviewer:  How are local reps responding to the campaign?

Sandy:  Rebecca and Críona have been brilliant, but everyone needs to ask their local councillors to further support any rezoning needed on this. Councillors will also need are vote just a few weeks away in May for the local elections, so when they all start knocking on your doors, please ask them about this park, ask them when is the rezoning, ask them what their position is on it, ask them to support it. Also raise any concerns you might have about the plan, they will bring these concerns to council.


Thank you Sandy for taking the time to talk to us and we wish you and the campaign every success!

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  1. Just to follow up on this article, that report is available, its well worth the read, well done to everyone involved!

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