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Go from no car to Go Car?

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Like most drivers out there, I’m consistently looking for new ways to cut down on my motoring cost, so when I seen the advertisement for Go Cars I had to take a closer look.  At first glance it looked quite attractive “drive away for €2.49 per hour” it also mentioned that for this price it included fuel, road tax, insurance, vehicle maintenance and free parking, I thought to myself this sounds too good to be true so I decided to take a look and here is what I found.  Mr Varadkar then acting as Minister of Tourism, signs into law new legislation relating to car clubs and allocating spaces in July of this year.  And so begins Go Car, a public/private partnership. 


When I logged on to their website ( right enough a picture of a nice little car accompanied by the text €2.49 per hour, after scrolling through their web site for a while here is what I found.  It does cost €2.49 per hour if you drive between 8pm and 8am, there is also a 45cent charge for every kilometer you drive.  However, in all fairness you don’t have to pay for parking except for the fact that parking in the city is free from 7pm to 7am so you wouldn’t have to pay for it anyway. So as long as you’re not a vampire and want to avail of this service during daylight hours then the cost is €4.99 per hour and 45cent for every kilometer you travel.


So what are the advantages?  Well I suppose if you’re stuck and need transport for a couple of hours it’s probably not the worst idea however, there are a couple of need to knows, before you can avail of this service. You have to become a member (did I not mention that?), it’s not difficult to become a member it just costs €50 and takes a week to ten days but on completion of your membership you will receive a token for €15 to be use in your first month. You will need to book a vehicle in advance and they do have a choice of three types of vehicles, there is also a charge of €5 per month that will be deducted from your bank account whether you use the service or not. Oh, one more thing there are only fifty vehicles in the fleet, so if you’re interested don’t tell anyone or there might not be one available for you to rent!

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