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Fr Mc Verry Trust Charity Christmas Concerts


FR Peter Mc Verry Trust Charity Concerts This Christmas

Glenn Hansard, the lead singer of the Irish group “The Frames” will play two dates at the Vicar Street Venue here, in Dublin 8 this December. The dates are in aid of the Peter Mc Verry trust and the first date, Monday the 15th of December is already sold out. The second date on Wednesday 17th December still has tickets available and starting from €30.00. Tickets are selling out fast however, you can still get them on the website.

The Father Mc Verry trust was set up in the 1980’s in Dublin by Fr Peter Mc Verry to help young people, who were facing homeless, or who were already living on the streets. Father Mc Verry has over the years built a great relationship with his clients, and has various houses and apartments in and around the city. The organisation prides itself on helping people get back on their feet having been affected by homeless. Fr Peter Mc Verry also helps with people who are probation with no home. You can read the interview I did with Peter Mc Verry by clicking on this link. All cash raised at these concerts will go to the Father Mc Verry trust, and help to keep this wonderful charity a float.



The Christmas Carol Concert, which is also in aid of the Fr Mc Verry trust, will take place on Saturday 6th December 2014 in St Patrick’s Cathedral also here in Dublin 8. This event is fast becoming one of Dublin’s most desirable Christmas calendar dates. The show will be hosted by RTE’s Pat Kenny, who will also be joined by RTE’s Cor Na Nog, Contoini, plus Eileen Coyles, and Lassus Scholars. Peter Mc Verry will also give a talk on the social issues that affect anyone who has been homeless in this country.

Brian Kennedy the Irish singer songwriter will also be providing his voice and music for this delightful evening. Tickets are €30.00 or €25.00 concession. To get a ticket you can telephone the fundraising line on 01-823-0776. Doors will open at 7pm, and the first performer will take to the stage at that time and seating is unreserved.

I would like to wish both music events a huge success, and to keep these wonderful services going in the future.




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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    A Christmas Tale 27th December 2013 by/Tony Gorman

    Once on a lonely winters night
    The snow blew all around
    The silent night was very still
    As the flakes piled on the ground

    An old man he lay motionless
    In an archway wet and damp
    With a blanket wrapped around him
    A silhouette beneath a lamp

    He huddled there to keep warm
    In his life nothing went right
    While others sat around a fire
    On that holy Christmas night

    For he left his homeland years ago
    In search of work they say
    But the story of this poor soul
    It died on a Christmas day

    And in his pocket was a crumpled card
    Addressed to who knows who
    No money for to post it
    With those poor hands so cold and blue

    And sadly there are others
    Who are left the same way too.
    So help the needy in distress
    It’s the least that we can do

    I wrote this after hearing a story last year from a nurse in the hospital I attend.
    She told me of a poor man who died while sleeping rough in an archway in London.
    Although there are a lot of charities that look after homeless people there are some homeless who are too proud to seek help.
    Some young men come over to the UK for work and fall on hard times and are too proud to go home to their families and end up sleeping rough in doorways or anywhere they can find some shelter.

    Spare a thought for the homeless wherever you live and give what you can to the charities that look after them.
    Feel good on Christmas Day by knowing you’ve helped someone in need.

  2. Jane Green says:

    This poem touches the heart strings nobody should be sleeping rough these days but sadly this happens.

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