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Fountain Youth ‘First Impressions’ Film Premiere Tonight

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We are very proud to announce the local premiere of our youth club’s latest film.

In St. James’ Parochial Hall, tonight at 6pm, ‘First Impressions’ will be screened to a local audience for the very first time!

Tickets can be purchased on the door for just €3, and all proceeds are being used to help fund next weekend’s Fountain Youth Project trip to Cavan.

‘First Impressions’ has been premiered at the Irish National Reel Youth Film Premiere, held recently at Liberty Hall on Eden Quay, Dublin 1. That went extremely well, with our actors gaining positive feedback from the audience on the night.

Now it is time for Dublin 8 residents to see our budding local actors on the big screen, so make sure you pop along if you are in the area. You can book tickets in advance by contacting Fountain Youth project on Facebook, and as we mentioned, the proceeds go towards a very worthy cause.

We will add a copy of the full ‘First Impressions’ film to this website over the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can still check out last years film (entitled ‘The Choice’) here.

Here is all the official info, put together by our youth workers at the Fountain Youth Project


Staring: Laura Murray, Sean Smyth, Darren Byrne, Ailish Jolly, Kelsie Mooney, Craig Hanlon, Keith Fitzpatrick, Billy Ryan, Lauren Johnson, Natasha O’Reilly
Sound and Camera: Gary Morrisey & Ger Fox
Produced and Directed by: Paul Mc Donald & Nicola Mc Gee (FRG/Fountain Youth Project)

“THE CHOICE” is a short movie about choices that young people are faced with in there everyday lives. It aims to show the impact that these choices that we make in a split second can effect the rest of our lives. Sometimes these choices can have a positive effect on our future and sometimes it can have a negative effect. It focuses on how Darren, who harbours a desire to be a professional footballer some day, has to make a decision around whether or not to drink and smoke with his friends. It also focuses on Laura, who is under pressure from her boyfriend to sleep with him. Along the way, some other members of the group are making split decisions about things like drinking, smoking, robbing, and even becoming involved in stolen cars. We hope you enjoy our film and it shows young people that they need to think about the impact of the choices that they make.

We would like to thank the following for all there help and support:

The young people who worked so hard on all aspects of the movie and for there help in putting tonight together. Mary Darcy Fox for the kind use of her home for the house scenes. Garda Damien Killalea & Garda Debbie O’Sullivan from the Community Policing Section in Kilmainham Garda Station. Ms Cassidy and her staff for allowing us to use her Chemist shop on James Street in the movie. City of Dublin Youth Service Board for there financial support, DCC for funding our support artist Mo, without whom the movie might not have come together, Shireen Short and DIT for there support in using the camera and equipment. Niamh Geoghegan for all her professional assistance. To all the people in the area who stayed quiet, walked around us, stopped there cars and did all the other little things that allowed us to do the filming.


“Reel Youth” has been around since 2001, when it began with a youth service called MAYS (Markets Area Youth Service). In 2003 it got funding support and went into partnership with DCC, CDYSB and City Arts, in 2008 this partnership became know as “Young Urban Arts”, but due to changes in the financial climate, this partnership came to an end in 2011, so after this date, a collective of youth workers began to meet throughout the year. Now known as the “Reel Youth Collective” we became very creative in finding solutions and continuing with the Reel Youth Filming Programme. Reel Youth offers youth workers and young people across the city an opportunity to express themselves through the medium of film. Each group involved in the project has stepped up to the challenge and made a top quality short film. It gives young people and youth workers a chance to share and explore what is important to them, We at Fountain Youth Project, Young People and Youth Workers, have gained a lot of knowledge and enjoyment from being part of Reel Youth, and as a Youth Project we look forward to being part of the Reel Youth Collective in coming years and taking as many of our young people on the journey with us.


Fountain Youth Project began in November 2006. It is a youth project located @ 2A Basin Lane, James Street. We are part of the Fountain Resource Group Limited. The service is funded under the Young Peoples Facilities Services Fund. This funding is administered through the City of Dublin Youth Service Board. We provide a youth service for people aged between 10 and 21 from the parish of St James. This service includes Drop Ins, Outreach, Peer education, Residential programmes and lots more. We design programmes to meet the needs of the young people and the community as a whole. In an ever changing society we need to change with it, and be creative in our thinking. We are always looking at new ways of engaging with our young people and our community. If you have any ideas or want to chat to a youth worker, please feel free to contact us at any time, also, if you know any young person from the community who would like to join our project please feel free to refer them to us. Our door is always open and we welcome suggestions and input from anybody in the area, as we firmly believe that Fountain Youth Project is your Youth Project.

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