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Fountain News Digital – May 2011 (Issue 4)

Fountain News Digital

This is a list of all articles that appeared in the 4th issue of the digital version of Fountain News. Published in May 2011, these articles were written by a mixture of FRG staff and other local residents too.

Fountain News Digital: May 2011 (Issue 4)

Local News:

A Farewell To A Friend – Ellen Lucas
Liberties Babies Series: John Laurence
Anna Livia’s New Home
May Events


The Military Museum
A Little Taste Of Chocolate
Games Corner – iPhone Special
Film Review – Limitless
Cooking In The Fountain – All-Weather Barbecue Chicken & Chocolate Mousse
Pub Review – The Market Bar
Dining Out @ RASA

Local History:

Local History Series – A History Of Kilmainham Jail
Newspapers From The Past
Knockmaree Linkardstown Burial
The Oghamzone – The Book Of Lismore

Your Say!:

The Liberties; Then And Now
Society’s Role In Disabling Citizens
Social Crime: A Social Solution Not A Punitive One
Poets Corner: Past Lives And Trades

Fountain News DigitalFountain News Digital
Published: 2010-2012 (9 Issues)
Publisher: Fountain Resource Group

We are in the process of adding all articles, belonging to all issues, of the digital version of ‘Fountain News’ to this newswire. You can use the #ArchivedDublin8News hashtag to find any Fountain News Digital editions that have been completely re-published.

Fountain News Digital has been superceeded by our Dublin 8 Newswire which operates from the homepage of this website. However, prior to us going digital, we had run a printed version of Fountain News from the early 90s, for many years, which was widely-distributed around the Dublin 8 locality.

View our local news services timeline (1994-2013) here.

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