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Dolphin’s Barn Regeneration Update


Dolphin’s Barn Regeneration Update

Work has begun on the regeneration project in Dolphin’s Barn flat complex. Over the last 2 weeks flats have been cleared of their fittings. On the week starting the 1st of December 3 balconies were taken down safely using two diggers. The block, which back’s out on to Parnell road, beside the Maxol garage has in recent days become something of tourist spot for former residents who wish to see it one last time as a nostalgia piece.  Some former tenants where seen taking photos, while others have been requesting the builders to get a brick from the rubble for them.

The work is being carried out by contractor the McCallan Brothers, and so far all is going to the plan. I asked the builders who where on site what flat complex was next to come down, they were unsure as some of the flats will be left to be rehabilitated, like the complex in St Theresa’s Gardens.  I was also informed that a local community group in the complex has requested some bricks to recycle.

The rain did some justice as it helped to keep the dust down. There will be another block of flats getting knocked down over the next few weeks.

We at your favourite online digital newswire, the Fountain will keep you updated with this project as it happens.

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