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County Council to Spend Big on Street Lighting

County Council to Spend Big on Street Lighting – Did you know that each area of Dublin has its own unique style of street lamp?  Stephen Davis photographs some example ahead of news that the DCC is spending big to bring the city back in line with its Georgian past.

Dublin City Council is to spend between €50-€80 million on renovating and replacing the cities street lights with both heritage luminaries and modern LED lighting.

Public lighting in Dublin has been around since the 1600’s when a law called the Candle Light Law was passed making it compulsory for every fifth house to provide lighting during certain hours of the night and has become almost as iconic as the Dublin Georgian doors.


Heritage luminaries are the decorative street lights you can see all around buy valium in thailand Dublin city with often specific types associated with individual streets and areas.

They are named after the manufacturer or the street they are located in, with names such as The Ballantine Column and The Large Hammond Lane.

There are over 46,000 street lights in Dublin with approximately nine per cent being the old ornate style.


The council plans to replace the modern lighting in heritage areas with replicas made from old moulds to create uniformity with pre existing lighting as they have done recently in Thomas Street in The Liberties.

They also plan to replace up to 40,000 lights with modern energy efficient LED lighting that can be centrally controlled to facilitate smart city applications within the capital.


At present the project is at tendering stage.

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