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Cork Street Park Campaign Urges DCC To Act Via Posters

Posters for Chamber Street/Cork Street Park Campaign

The Cork Street Park Campaign (Twitter), who aim to turn a derelict site on Chamber Street in Dublin 8, into a public space for all local residents to utilise, have upped the ante by placing posters around the unused site.

The posters that urge locals to put pressure on the Dublin City Council (DCC) to turn the site into a green space for locals, are placed within the normal advertising hoardings which are around the site.

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This proposed park could be an excellent resource for the South West inner city area, and a much needed resource at that. Because this part of the city has much less green space compared to its neighbours. And in fairness, the land has been idle and wasted for such a long time, so why shouldn’t we get to clean up the area, whilst building a much needed resource – a public space!

Hopefully the DCC will make a decision for the people of Dublin 8. And we can then use that plot of land for something that could be positive for everyone.

This could be a public park for all the community – Please join the campaign to convince Dublin City Council to turn this derelict site into a public park.

Cork Street Park Poster Campaign

Images of the new posters adorning the Cork Street Park site are by Cork Street Park @ Facebook.

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