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Conor Hamilton-Samaritans New Teen Ambassador

Conor Hamilton, Dickie Rock, & Lord Mayor of Dublin Christy Burke, at the launch of "Talk To Us "for the Samaritans

Conor Hamilton, Dickie Rock, & Lord Mayor of Dublin Christy Burke, at the launch of “Talk To Us “for the Samaritans

Conor Hamilton-Samaritans New Teen Ambassador

Last week saw singer/songwriter sensation Conor Hamilton invited to take part in a photo shoot in aid of the Samaritans. The photo shoot was set up to promote the Samaritans and their services around the country. An eclectic mix of celebrities had gathered for the event, Conor himself, legendary Irish rock and roll star, Dickie Rock, and Dublin’s Lord Mayor Christy Burke.

In recognition of Conor’s work with the organisation, the Samaritans have offered the position of their first Teen Ambassador, Conor was only too happy to take on the mantle.   After hearing of the good news, I went down to Pearse Street, and had a chat with Conor in his front garden. Conor feels very strongly that not only the young but also the mature should seek advice and/or help if they are feeling down or depressed.  As is well known, Ireland has one of the highest suicide rates in Europe, particularly with young males, and the services the Samaritans offer are of vital importance in this day and age.

We spoke about the event Conor spoke about how Dickie Rock was just great, a real down to earth guy and he gave Conor, great pointers to do and not to do in the world of entertainment.

No stranger to charity, I asked Conor how he felt after the Samaritans asked him to be their teen ambassador, he went on to tell me he felt so proud and greatly honoured, and for a few days after the photo shoot he felt extremely touched and humbled. His friends and his fans on FaceBook, and on other social media networks, have also been very supportive to Conor, along with his parents James and Grace and his sister Taylor.

Conor explained that some people his age may go off to the gym to work of stress, some others may not have this choice, but regardless of how one may relate the most important thing is to talk to someone and don’t think you are on your own. It doesn’t matter what you say to anyone, all is confidential and nobody will ever know should you ask for any help. The role of teen ambassador for such a noble organisation is one of the great organisation is amazing. Conor’s new role will see him showing up and gigging in aid of the Samaritans, and will act as their “Teen Ambassador” promoting the Samaritans services, especially at events where there are teenagers and young children present.

Conor Hamilton performs every Sunday afternoon, along with up and coming solo and group members, upstairs over Solas pub, on Wexford Street, from 4 to 7pm.

The Samaritans first set up in Ireland in 1962, and they have an office here in Dublin on Ushers Quay you can telephone them on 01 671 0071, or you can go online and get more information along with phone numbers, and other locations where they have offices.

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    A flight of fantasy

    Our lives are just like flight paths
    That takes us everywhere
    Sometimes when flying solo
    We glide without a care

    Most times we cruise automatically
    In directions that we know
    And at times we change to manual
    To avert some things that show

    We at times hold our head in the clouds
    To avoid what’s down below
    We keep our charts a secret
    Thinking only we should know

    This can bring us on a crash course
    Filled with obstacles that blots our view
    And to steer a course above them
    Is the hardest thing to do?

    So take a co-pilot with you
    They will help you on your way
    And make your journey easier
    Showing blue skies never grey
    As you make your new approach in life
    Landing safe without dismay

    Stress, Depression and Despair
    We are vulnerable to them all when we are down and most times we need a little lift in life to help us on our way.
    Life can be so cruel as we all know and sometimes things from the past can appear worrying dragging us down and desperate on how we can resolve our problems.
    Don’t lock it away reveal it to your family or a friend and don’t be too proud to ask for help from the Samaritans.
    Don’t look on yourself as weak by not being able to cope; even the strongest of us need a little help now and again.
    You never see a passenger plane take off without a co-pilot on board, even the captain needs a little help to make life easier for him.

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