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Building The Archive: Three More Fountain News Issues Added!

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Along with creating a relevant Newswire for the local Dublin 8 area, we want this website to become a repository of local information, so we are really glad to let you know that we have re-published three more issues of our Fountain News Digital newsletter over the past few days.

Timeline of FRG Local News Services:

1991 – Fountain Resource Group founded
Local News Services @ Fountain Resource Group
1994 – Our Fountain News newsletter kicks off in paper form
2010 – The Fountain News Digital newsletter begins life
2013 – Dublin 8 Newswire, a continuous stream of local news, is first created here on

Whilst switching over to this new website, due to the old Fountain News Digital articles being created in a different way technically, we realised that we would have to create every single article again. Up until this weekend we had managed to publish three of the nine issues onto this newswire, and now we have added a further three. Over the past few days we added Issues 1,3 and 7 – November 2010, March 2011 and December 2011 respectively. So, out of a total of nine issues, presently just three remain un-published.

View all archived/published FOUNTAIN NEWS DIGITAL issues here>

A Fresh Set Of Eyes!

We picked out some articles from the newly re-published issues that remain current, and that we would like to highlight again. Most of you guys will not have ever read these articles, as they have been offline for as long as this newswire is online, so we have re-published them on the current date. The rest of the articles have been re-published on their original publishing dates.

We’ve got some very personal testaments for you…
Aengus O’Snodaigh Talks About Suicide Awareness
Mary Hayes Interview – Beech/Maple House Homeless Hostels
Homeless In Dublin: One Man’s Real-Life Story

…and a bunch of insightful history articles…
Local History Series – The Royal Hospital Kilmainham
Local History Series – Dublin Zoo
Local History Series – A Brief Ancient History Of Kilmainham
St. Patrick: The Story Of The Green Saint

…and here’s some very useful tips for removing unwanted stains (random!)…
Handy Household Tips: Remove Gum, Ink & Grease From Clothes

…and just because it’s that time of year…
Christmas Classics – TOP 10 XMAS SONGS
Is There A Santa Claus? (New York Sun, 1897)
Christmas Traditions & Lore

Fully Archived By January

We plan on having the final three issues of Fountain News Digital re-published on this newswire by the end of the year, so check back after Christmas for some extra reading material! They contain plenty more quality local history articles, plus a treasure trove of lifestyle and local news articles, as there are within the six issues that have now been re-published in total. They can be viewed at the following link.

View all archived/published FOUNTAIN NEWS DIGITAL issues here>

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