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Bridgefoot St Park To Become Next Site For Modular Homes


Bridgefoot Street Park To Become Next Site For Modular Homes

After being told that the people of Bridgefoot Street will be getting their park, it now looks like Dublin City Council has other plans for the site.

In a recent post on Facebook the Bridgefoot campaigners were saying: “After all this campaigning…..DCC seem to be planning to put rapid build modular housing on the site.

On July 22nd at 11.40am a group of about 12 people in suits from Lewisham Council in London, who gave a presentation to DCC on Rapid Build Modular Housing, were seen being shown around the Bridgefoot Street Park site by DCC Housing officials.

Why were they shown the site? What other reason could it be but BECAUSE it is proposed site for rapid build modular housing.”

This is indeed sad news, especially after all the hard work and campaigning they did to get their baby off the ground.

The Irish Times reported this week that the Bridgefoot Street site is one of several Dublin City Council-owned lands where the Government is planning to increase housing by 80% as part of the Government’s action plan for housing.

This site will become one of eight sites that will provide 30% of the housing to include social housing. It has been estimated that the Bridgefoot Street site could accommodate 100 homes. Another Dublin 8 site on Cork Street will have room for 40 homes.

But the “bad news” is not getting the Bridgefoot campaigners down they are intending to fight for their right to get a park and are continuing their campaign.

One of the arguments that were brought up was that permanent housing, instead of building a house that can only be used for sixty years seems like a waste of time and money.

One campaigner, Ruairi Byrne, said on Facebook: “But why don’t they just build permanent houses? If they are going to build temporary ones to house people while they wait to build permanent ones then why not just build permanent ones? It seems like they are looking to create another tier of ghetto for those in housing distress…”

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