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Binary Hub – The New Home To Dublin Students


Binary Hub – The New Home To Dublin Students

For sometime now Dublin has been a city where students find it hard to find suitable accommodation. Take in consideration the amount of students attending colleges, universities and institutions in Ireland (in 2015 210,000 students were enrolled)  and include the price of accommodation (recent figures estimates it will cost a student from 10,000 to 15,000 a year) then it comes as no surprise that student accommodation has reached a critical mass.


Knightsbridge Student Housing came up with a great idea in 2011 and launched The Student Housing Company in the UK and Europe. The Student Housing Company has now started building student apartments and rooms here in Dublin and it really looks like the idea will take off in Ireland, not to mention that it will solve part of the student accommodation problem.


The Binary Hub was recently built, it is situated in Dublin 8, located just off Thomas Street on the grounds of the Digital Hub, and another Binary Hub is in the process of being finished on Dorset Street. Students will be moving into their new rooms tomorrow when the Binary Hub opens its doors for business as the start of the new term commences.

The Binary Hub provides affordable student accommodation and has everything the modern student needs when away from home studying. The rooms are kitted out with beds, study space, bathroom facilities and kitchens. The complex itself has all the amenities a student away from home will need.


There is a laundry service, a gym, a recreational area with pool table, postal service and a broadband and Wi-Fi service throughout the buildings. The new Hub is in walking distance from several colleges and getting a bus takes no less than 2 minutes.

The word binary means composed of or involving two or more things, and this is what a Binary Hub is; a place where students can live in shared flats or apartments (which makes it a fab idea for a group of friends together at college or university to stay together) and share the cost of living, a kitchen, space and new friends.

There are 471 cluster apartments, ranging from between 3 and 8 bedrooms. Also, electricity, water, gas and contents insurance is included in the price of the rent. Here is an inside look into what you can expect from a Binary Hub.


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