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Are you looking to start a qualified career in childcare or youth work?


By joining a C.E. Scheme you will be entitled to free FETEC training in childcare, youth work or basic social science modules.  In addition, the C.E. candidate will get 19.5 hours a week on the job experience, an additional €20 on their dole payment and reference after their term. 

At this moment in time, a number of private sphere crèches have been setting up across the country and it is a viable career path for the future but these posts usually require prior experience and qualifications.  The Fountain Resource Group C.E. Scheme can supply people with training and experience to help someone get started in the stable career of child care.

Also, for people who wish to work in youth work, the Fountain Resource Group offers C.E. positions in both junior youth (ages for 4 to 10) and senior youth (10 to 19) projects.  Youth Work is a well paid career path and similarly, requires on the job experience and relevant training, both of which, are offered by our C.E. Scheme.  Relevant training is offered, and should a participant choose to aim for a degree in the subject, references can be given, plus the candidate is more likely to be awarded a college space if they have prior experience.

TO BE ELIGIBLE YOU MUST BE: Aged 25 years or older and:


You are aged 18 years and over and:

  • A member of the Traveller community, unemployed and getting Jobseeker’s Benefit or Jobseeker’s Allowance for any period or One-Parent Family Payment for at least 1 year.
  • Getting Disability Allowance, Blind Person’s Pension or Invalidity Pension
  • Getting Illness Benefit for at least 6 months
  • A refugee authenticated by the Department of Justice and Equality (Garda Registration Certificate with Stamp 4) and getting a social welfare payment
  • An ex-offender who has been referred by the Probation Service or other designated service, or an ex-offender not referred by a designated service who has been getting JA or JB for 12 months
  • Referred following an appropriate assessment according to the National Drugs Rehabilitation Framework protocols.


  • ·         Aged 23 or 24 and in receipt of a Department of Social Protection payment for one year.  Please note that applicants aged 23 or 24 can only apply for childcare positions in CE.


If you are interested please contact your nearest Local Employment Services Office (LES) or the Department of Social Protection (DSP) Intreo Offices to check your eligibility and referral

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