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A Series Of Poems, Wrote In Detox, That Helped To Change A Life!

Transition 4 - 1st Path, by Daniel Lightfoot

We have been given a series of poems which are to be published on a weekly basis, that depict a former addicts journey out of heroin addiction. They contain some very interesting insights into a persons mentality whilst undergoing this process, so we just had to share buy alprazolam online cheap them with you.

Sean O’Seoigh, an unpublished poet, has kindly passed on the six poems in question. We will present one each week, in chronoligical order, over the coming weeks. He says he was inspired to submit poems to after reading Alan Finn’s poetry on this website, which cover subjects such as drug addiction and addiction treatment.

These poems were sitting at home for a number of years, safely locked away, but now Sean feels that it could be a nice time to share them with the World. If nothing else, he says that they may help someone in a similar predicament.

The first of those poems is featured here>

They do appear to show a journey, with plenty of realisations along the way, and ending up with a bright outlook for a new beginning. That’s why I chose the ‘Transition’ picture above to use within this article. There does seem to be a transition ongoing throughout this entire series of poems.

And one final note; with us attending the South Inner City Local Drugs Task Force’s (SICLDTF) Drug Prevention Expo in Donore Avenue Community Centre on Friday, we really felt that this was the most appropriate time to begin publishing this series of poems!

IMAGE: Transition 4 – 1st Path, by Daniel Lightfoot

3 Responses

  1. johan str says:

    sounds like thats part of treatment, iave friend who done that kind of thing. great idea to publish them!

  2. Alan Finn says:

    Writing poetry on realism is a very positive way forward in any addiction, and it’s great to see writers emerge after addiction! We are on the lookout for more poets to publish, so if you have poems you can email the editor at

  3. s says:

    what about family knowing

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