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A new Community Garden in Fatima


There was a very light breeze blowing gently and the butterflies were dancing around the plants and the flowers. With the sun hitting the high teens and there I was sitting in a garden fit for a king, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a foreign land.  However, I was local, in Fatima to be exact, in a place called Flanagan’s field, an unassuming piece of land that was in recent times used for storing containers and equipment belonging to builders working in the area. Thankfully, all this has changed and the site is currently being used as a community garden for residents of the area.

Last Good Friday, I visited the garden and I met Niall and Doughal who showed me around.  Firstly, I was impressed the array of organic vegetable plots. Secondly, the freshness and flavor was amazing. I had some rocket, it was wonderful and some kale, which is supposed to be very good for MS sufferers. I washed it and boiled it, ate it and honestly, I never tasted anything so fresh, a bit like cabbage but tastier with a little salt and brown sauce.


The garden contains a “Geodesic Dome” that has been built using heavy transparent plastic and wood pallets.  It is 5 meters in both height and width, which can be seen as far as Dolphin’s Barn.  The Dome is used as greenhouse and provides heat to more exotic herbs, spice and vegetables.  For me, it’s a demonstration of what can be achieved so very easily with empty spaces in the city, if people are given a chance. All the vegetables are organic and even the brick work that decorates the paths between each plot or bed was part of the old Fatima flat complex bringing the old in with the new.

Local people are invited in to pick the onions, carrots, potatoes, broccoli or what have you and use them in their own cooking.  Plots are still available too (though it is first come, first serve), so people should get involved and make the most of this space.  The garden is also working with local community groups to get people placed back into work.  One such organisation, TÚS, is providing training using the space.

For those who want to visit, it is located on Ruben Street, in Fatima, Dublin 8.

You can telephone Mr. Dougal Hazel on 085-1120-287 for more information.


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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    The Miracle of Fatima 7th May 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    Fatima a miracle for those that see what’s there
    The plots of vibrant vegetables for everyone to share
    The Broccoli and Kale growing leaves of Irish green
    And the potatoes and the onions, the likes you’ve never seen

    And the Dome so high up to the sky to grow exotic plants
    Like cucumber and squashes and the seedlings that life grants
    Like the herbs that grace our cooking with a fragrance of their own
    And tomatoes in abundance with the pride of being home grown

    In that little plot in Rubin Street they’ve shown what life’s about
    They’ve shown the things that can be done if you care to work them out
    For they’ve utilised the space for the community that’s there
    And grown their crops of vegetables for everyone to share

    Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Others should follow your example from seeing what you have achieved.
    Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tony Gorman

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