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A Farewell To A Friend – Ellen Lucas

Ellen Lucas - Fountain Resource Group

Last Monday, May 2nd 2011, the Fountain Resource Group lost a trusted friend and work colleague, Ellen Lucas. While the name might not be overly familiar to our readers, many of you might have come to know Ellen through her work in our Breakfast Club and Parochial Hall. She was the warm, friendly lady with the blonde hair who served breakfast to kids in our Breakfast Club. She was the kind and considerate lady who maintained our main offices, and she was the gentle and compassionate person that we came to know and trust over the past seven years.

I remember the first time I talked to Ellen; she had contacted us about a job vacancy. A few days later she rang wondering if she was being considered for interview. After explaining the interview process and the length of time it can take, Ellen said “I’m annoying you aren’t I?” and then she started laughing. I didn’t realise from that one brief phone call, but Ellen was going to make us all laugh for quite some time to come.

Like so many others, Ellen had daily fears to cope with and as we came to know her better, she shared some of her life experience with us. She was also one of the most optimistic people I have ever met; her openness, honesty and sincerity was always appreciated and her willingness to listen to the concern of others, no matter what problems she faced, a valued attribute. Ellen was also full of dreams, and when George Clooney finally gets around to returning her calls we’ll tell him what he was missing out on all this time.

I can’t believe I won’t see Ellen coming through our front door again. I can’t believe I won’t be yet again on the receiving end of her wicked sense of humour and her standing there grinning while I try to muster a comeback. I can’t believe I won’t hear her asking “Anyone coming for a smoke?” as she carried her yellow cup of tea. I can’t believe I won’t see the phone she carried around with her tirelessly. I can’t believe I won’t hear her mention her family and how proud of them she was. I can’t believe I won’t hear her giving out, usually to me. I can’t believe I won’t see my friend Ellen. I wish I could.

Fountain News DigitalThis article was originally published in:
Fountain News Digital – May 2011 (Issue 4)

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