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A Better City 2024 Transforms Dublin’s Streets

A Better City 2024 Transforms Dublin’s Streets

Dublin 8 is set to become a captivating outdoor art gallery as A Better City 2024 launches on March 15th, showcasing an array of large-scale murals and printed works by six talented artists. This initiative, spanning from Thomas Street to Crane Street and Market Street, promises to invigorate the cityscape with creativity and community spirit, aligning with the ethos of the St. Patrick’s Festival. Curated by Good Shout Studio, based in Dublin 8.

A Better City 2024 features the works of Claire Prouvost, Sophia Vigne Welsh, Mark Conlan, Ruan van Vliet, Bebhinn Eilish, and Gavin Connell. Each artist offers a unique interpretation of the festival’s theme, “Spréach” (Spark), breathing new life into overlooked architectural spaces and forgotten corners of the city.

Visitors are encouraged to embark on a journey along the trail, discovering these vibrant artworks nestled within the urban landscape. From the whimsical to thought-provoking pieces, the outdoor gallery promises to captivate and inspire all who traverse its path.

To unify the diverse collection of artworks and commemorate the launch of A Better City 2024, acclaimed writer and actor Emmet Kirwan has been commissioned to craft a poignant spoken word poem, drawing inspiration from the theme of “Spréach.” This evocative piece will be accessible to viewers through QR codes integrated into the artworks, allowing for a multi-dimensional experience that merges visual and auditory elements seamlessly.

A Better City 2024 is a collaborative effort supported by key partners, including the Guinness Storehouse, The Digital Hub, and Dublin City Council. This collaboration between public and private entities underscores the significance of art in enhancing urban environments and fostering community engagement. The initiative represents a celebration of creativity, diversity, and shared cultural heritage, inviting residents and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Dublin’s streets. From March 15th onwards, A Better City 2024 will be open to the public, inviting passers-byes to revel in the beauty of street art and discover the hidden gems scattered throughout Dublin 8

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