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Military Museum Dublin

One day last week I had some time on my hands, I had me camera in me bag, I walked around to St James hospital and took the Luas over to the military museum. It’s free in and the Luas passes it and has a stop just outside it. I was surprised not to see it wasn’t full of freebie customers, but there was a few there.

I took a few photos of the aeroplanes that were hanging from the ceiling and a few photos of the old military tanks and personal trucks and jeeps. It felt weird standing under those aeroplanes that had flown so long ago.

The highlight of my visit wasn’t the planes or the tanks but the actual building. You could see the craftsman’s work in every brick that made up every outside wall, yes that was a delight to see. If you go over, walk around the court yard, I say that space saw many a ceremony, such as passing out parades. It’s lovely and if you go to the middle off the court yard have a good look around, what you are seeing it’s not just a big building, it’s a big building rich in history and if you like a bit of photography this, along with St Patricks cathedral are perfect for digital photography. These grounds will be a delight for you to practice your skills, such fine buildings are a treat themselves to photo.

While I was there, I went on a ramble and ended up at the uniforms section. It is amazing to think that if you go back far enough the soldiers did not carry anything to protect them, no bullet proof vest, nothing! The so many young men’s lives were cut before they reached their 21st birthday. Going further on through the museum I saw the Celts who went to battle against the Romans, without any armour for protection, they rather freedom to fight over their own protection!

The exhibit of the time of the 1916 Rising is very interesting and if you’re into military history you will enjoy the museum. It’s free in. However, it is closed Saturday, Sunday & Mondays including Bank Holidays. If you live near or on the red Luas line go bring the kids they will love to see the planes, the tanks and all the history that goes with it.

The only snag I found was the cafe was quite expensive. Now I’m aware its free in but if you have two parents and say 4 kids to get a drink and a cake, or something to that affect it will cost a bit. Your best solution would be (provided the weather is good) bring a flask, a bottle of lemonade and some kind of picnic, then head up to the gate grass area, sit down and eat in the sunshine. If you have cash you will be spoiled for their cake selection. I would definitely recommend this museum as a place to visit, especially if the kids have free time or are on school holidays.

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