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The Freemasons of Molesworth Street

Freemasons of Molesworth Street – In this article, Shane Adlum discusses the Freemasons building on Molesworth Street complete with Pictures from Stephen Davis


Whilst nobody knows the true origin of the Freemasons, it is believed to have evolved from a guild of stonemasons dating back to the medieval period. They are a fraternal order and, despite what people say, they have no political or religious agenda, both of these topics are actually banned from Masonic meetings.



The Grand Lodge of Ireland can be dated back to at least 1725. It is the oldest Grand Lodge in continuous existence and the second most senior in the world. There are about 27,000 members of the Freemasons of Ireland.


One of their main roles in Ireland is to raise money for charity and they have raised large amounts for charities such as the LauraLynn Foundation and the Samaritans.


Freemasons’ Hall on Molesworth Street is the home of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Ireland. The magnificent Victorian Building opened 150 years ago in 1869. It was designed by Edward Holmes and took three years to construct.


Within the building there are several elaborate meeting rooms, the largest of which is the Grand Lodge Room, where large, life sized portraits of former grand masters adorn the walls.


Above the portraits are semi-circular pictures that depict the building of the Temple of Solomon. The black and white floor signifies the members journey from darkness into light and it’s check pattern represents the pavement of Solomon’s Temple.


The other meeting rooms are the Royal Arch Chapter Room, which has an Egyptian theme. The Mark Room. The Knights Templar Room, designed to look like a chapel.


And the Prince Masons Chapter Room, where images of the pelican and the eagle, the symbols of the Prince Masons Chapter, decorate the walls alongside flags and various coats of arms of some of the Freemasons.


Elsewhere in the building is the Grand Lodge museum, a reference library, archive and administration offices for the Freemasons.



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