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“Gallipoli” (No more we’ll go Waltzing Matilda)


A Centenary Poem, for all the Australians and Irish who died in the battle for Gallipoli.

“Gallipoli” (No more we’ll go Waltzing Matilda) 29th April by/Tony Gorman

There’s silence where once there was monstrous’ booms
Busting eardrums with thunderous bang’s
And metal bit’s splaying the earth all around
Sinking into some bodies like fang’s

And in all the trenches it smelled of decay
Of corpuses left just where they fell
The blood soaked earth that surrounded those there
Was a sorrowful scene out of hell

As bullets zapped into human flesh
And limbs were severed without fight
The pall of smoke from battle around
And eyes never knowing the true day from night

As blinding flashes lit up all the sky
And shrapnel of all sorts’ fill the air
No cover from the endless mass of confusion
Leaving the bravest of all in despair

And battle ships with guns ablaze
On waters of the Dardanelles strait
Aiming to kill Turkish artillery set firm on the hills
That they held with their gusto and hate

And no quarter was given to our troops on the shore
As they landed to make the Turks pay
But a barrage of bombs and bullets rained down
Killing most of our troops day by day

For eight long months the war for Gallipoli went on
And the numbers of bodies piled high
And the injured were ferried back home on the ships
And those left behind knew some there would die

With the mission abandoned our troops left the shores
No victories gained for the death toll we had
Showing war is a curse to both sides when they fight
Leaving stories heart breaking and sad

For all that was taken from eight months of war
Were the lives and limbs of the brave?
And those that came back to Circular Quay
The medics back home tried to save

But time has long past and one hundred years on
We remember their battles and fears
For they fought and they died for a war never won
Leavening loved ones behind shedding tears!!!!!!!! “And the band it played Waltzing Matilda”

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    A Centenary Tribute for 2016 in memory of all our Irish heroes both male and female who gave their lives for their country in 1916.

    A Call of Courage 4th June 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    Dublin town 1916 was the place and the year
    Where men of true courage stood their ground devoid of any fear
    Although they knew they were vastly outnumbered
    Fighting side by side as the British cannon’s thundered

    A final stand no more oppression
    A fight for Ireland no more depression
    Rallying around the flag to a freedom call
    In the GPO in a fight for all

    For no more tyranny could the Irish take
    Their blood was spilt for the people’s sake
    As bombardment rained and bullets flew
    No surrender was the call from the gallant few

    Though outnumbered by forces of the crown
    They refused to lay their weapons down
    And fought till their bodies were wracked with pain
    A freedom fight with so much to gain

    But through the pall and choking smoke
    Their bullets spent and some spirits broke
    They marched as prisoners of the crown
    As some comrades lay dead on the ground

    No true justice came their way
    To those volunteers captured on that day
    For the British vengeance it was suited
    That all these men be executed

    In Sackville Street where the blood it flowed
    The courage of the Irish showed
    They engraved their name in history
    In stone so everyone could see

    And at Easter time we honour those
    Who brought our tyranny to a close
    Those heroes of true Irish gender
    Who chose the call of NO SURRENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The following are those executed in Kilmainham Gaol by the British Justice system after the Easter Rising.
    3rd May 1916: Patrick Pearse, Thomas MacDonagh and Thomas J Clarke.
    4th May 1916: Joseph Plunkett, William Pearse, Edward Daly and Michael O’Hanrahan.
    5th May 1916: John McBride
    8th May 1916: Eamonn Ceannt, Michael Mallin, Sean Heuston and Conn Colbert
    12th May 1916: James Connolly and Sean MacDiarmada
    Eamon de Valera escaped execution due to him being of American birth.
    Michael Collins, Terence Swiney and JJ O’Connell followed in the struggle in the fight for independence and became National heroes by their heroism.

    Sir Rodger Casement was tried in London for high treason and hanged at Pentonville Prison on the 3rd of August 1916.

    To all these men and the unsung heroes that laid down their lives for a better Ireland we salute their courage and remain in their debut and hope in their centenary year since the Irish Rising the present
    Government will remember that they walk in these heroes footsteps and present a better Ireland to the people then they have in the past,
    Long Live the Republic of Ireland. May the Irish people find new heroes to guide them fairly and free them from any form of dictatorship in the future?

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