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Dublin Statues 3rd January 2015

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Dublin Statues 3rd January 2015


The Floozy in the Jacuzzi
Was a breath of air to see?
And dear old Molly Malone
Is in the place where she should be


Old Parnell has stood his ground
Through the troubles in the past
But poor old Admiral Nelson
His reign it didn’t last

For they stuck jelly up his jacksy
And he was blown to kingdom come
Old Dublin never looked the same
By the monument to come

For they put something in his place
That resembled a big needle
With a light upon the top of it
That shines away quite feeble


The architect that created it                                                                                                  Should be stuck up on the top
To prevent him creating anymore
As this one is a flop

James Larkin is a welcome sight
With his hands held up on high
Still advising to fight for right
And don’t let our Country die


Joyce he stands in North Earl Street
Looking oh so very slick
If only he knew what his nickname is
The prick there with the stick

The “Ace with the Base”
Is immortalised with his guitar
Bringing back thoughts of Phil Lynott
And his “Whisky in the Jar”

“The Hags with the Bags”
Sit near the Ha’penny Bridge for everyone to see
Gasbagging while they’re sitting there
As they end their shopping spree

O’Connell is there with the rest
And it’s only right he be
Maybe in the years to come
They might put one there of me

Anna Livia known to the Dubliners as the Floozy in the Jacuzzi was moved to Croppies Memorial Park in 2011 as some kind people were adding bubble bath to her waters when she resided in O’Connell Street.

If there’s ever a nickname needed for anything or anyone ask a Dubliner, I’m sure you’ll get a laugh at what they will come up with.

6 Responses

  1. Admin says:

    Out of an already impressive collection, this is my own personal favourite.


  2. Tony Gorman says:

    Hi Eoghan
    Only after I posted my poem I realised I had made a mistake in the last verse.
    In the second last line I put a “the” when the line should have read “Maybe in the years to come”.
    It’s funny when you write a lot like I do you get word blind and sometime don’t see the obvious mistake.
    I will have to tell myself not to be so fast on the send button.
    I suppose I can put it down to being old, it’s always a good excuse.
    Take care Eoghan
    And thanks again for those pictures that complement my poems.

  3. Admin says:

    Hi Tony

    I’m the editor and I didn’t see that and I’m not that old (at least I hope I’m not!)

    As always you’re welcome, its the least I can do. And I made that little fix.

    All the best

  4. Tony Gorman says:

    Harry Redknapp’s Abba Song 3rd February 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    Can you hear the news Fernandes
    Harry Redknapp’s jumping ship once more
    Did you see it coming? Fernandes
    Like he did at Tottenham
    And all his other clubs before
    Or did you think that he’d stay here for evermore?

    There was something in the air last night
    That wasn’t right Fernandes
    When he rang you on your telephone
    Was he on his own? Fernandes
    Or was he setting up another deal that he’d sign and seal
    The supporters knew it had to end when he couldn’t spend, Fernandes

    There’s new hope at QPR now, Fernandes
    Since the news it filtered down the line
    Les Ferdinand will bring back winning ways, Fernandes
    No relegation and no worries you’ll be fine
    And the loss of Harry will soon be off your mind

    There is something in the air tonight?
    Is Harry’s pay off right, Fernandes?
    Will the tax man get his share?
    Of Harry’s pay off there, Fernandes
    Or will he give it to his dog? We’ll never know
    If you had to do it all again would you hire your friend, Fernandes

    I thought some of our football fans back home would enjoy this.
    As Shakespeare would say “Harry’s knee or not his knee that is the question?”

  5. Tony Gorman says:

    I thought some readers would enjoy a little humour for a change.
    This is a little poem I wrote in 2013 for my book.

    The Bull and the Crow 5th July 2013 by/Tony Gorman

    A crow quite old and very sick
    Was walking with a walking stick
    His feathers dull not shining bright
    His eyes were losing all their sight

    He met a bull so big and proud
    That when he puffed he puffed aloud
    Saying his protein diet kept him young
    And suggested the crow should eat his dung

    The crow he eat it for a while
    It made him strong this made him smile
    He told the bull its thanks from me
    And took a flight for the bull to see

    He flew up to a high tree top
    And started crowing without stop
    The farmer couldn’t stand for this
    He shot the crow for silent bliss

    Now there’s a moral to all of it
    If you rise to the top on just bullshit
    Don’t broadcast it by the way you strut
    Just use your head and keep your bloody mouth shut

  6. Admin says:

    Thanks Tony

    Good advice in this one, and a few people I like to share it with!

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