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Dublin 8 Place Names Part 1 – Oliver Bond Street, Rainsford Street

Rainsford Street, Dublin 8, was named after Sir Mark RainsfordRainsford Street, Dublin 8

Sir Mark Rainsford was a Lord Mayor of Dublin from 1700 to 1701. He was the original founder of the Guinness Brewery, and had a son, also named Mark (Jnr.), who inherited his fathers land. Another Mark (Sir Mark Rainsford’s grandson) sold the current site to Mr Arthur Guinness on the 31st December 1759. The agreement on the lease was for 9,000 years. Sir Mark, who founded the site, had already established his own beer and ale factory where Guinness stands today. He also had plantations in Kildare and Kilkenny, and he owned land in Portarlighton. The Digtal Hub now stands on Rainsford Street.

Oliver Bond Street, Dublin 8

Oliver Bond was an Irish merchant, revolutionary and one of the leaders off the Society of United Irishmen, an organisation that wanted an independent Ireland. He was born in St. Johnston in County Donegal about 1760. He moved to Dublin where he became a merchant in the wool trade, and amassed great wealth from this trade. Oliver opposed English rule and he wanted a united Ireland, and because of that he was summoned before the House of Lords in Dublin. United Irishmen meetings where held in his residences, and he was eventually caught at his home, imprisoned, and sentenced to be hung for the crime off high treason. Before the hanging he was deported to London, England, and held in an English Gaol/Prision. Oliver Bond was never hung after an agreement he made with the British Government. He passed away suddenly in prison in September 1798. He is buried in the cemetery off St Minchin’s Church, Dublin 7.

The Society of United Irishmen - patriots of 1798

TOP IMAGE: Sir Mark Rainsford (circa 1652-1709) – image credit: Emily A Buckland

BOTTOM IMAGE: The United Irish Patriots of 1798, by unknown artist (Public Domain, copyright expired)
United Irish Patriots (left to right): Samuel Neilson, Michael Dwyer, John Sheares, William Corbett, Arthur O’Connor, A. H. Rowan, William Jackson, W. J. Mac Nevin, Nathew Teeling, Robert Emmet, Henry Sheares, T. Wolfe Tone, J. Naper Tandy, T. A. Emmet, James Hope, R. J. Mac Cracken, Lord E. Fitzgerald. Published by S. Lipschitz, 84 Brushfield Street, Bishopsgate, London. View larger version here.

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