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Bring Back Dublin of Old!


The Above picture is from The RTE Archives and Depicts a Dublin Metropolitan Constable

Take the Dublin of today in an open sort of way
And compare it with Dublin of past
There were places you’d go without any fear
And we thought those old days they would last

We enjoyed a night out for a drink or a dance
And the craic it was ninety back then
We sang ballads in pubs with those on the stage
Never worrying of the whys or the when

But today in our town the drugs have arrived
And terror has been brought to the fore
There is gangs dealing dope leaving kids with no hope
Causing terror with intimidation and more

There is fighting each week in some areas we know
By gangs claiming territorial right
And the innocent people there all live in despair
Never venturing out in the night

But Dublin by day is a different place
With its hustle and bustle and sound
As an old one I’d say you’ll enjoy it by day
But at night I won’t be hanging around

It’s not just old Dublin that suffers from this
But it’s my town that’s close to my heart
And it’s about time our authorities had a major clean up
Given life in our town a new start

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    A Day at the Phoenix Park Races 6TH August 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    I remember those days when my youth was ablaze
    With ambitions of winning dosh fast
    When my mate Billy Browne turned the prices around
    As the tips he was given were vast

    At the Phoenix Park races we both had a go
    Of increasing the money we had
    And the horses we backed with the tips that we got
    Their form on the race card was bad

    Then the starter he flagged the field on their way
    And poor Billy’s horse trailed in last
    And in the unsaddling enclosure the jockey he sighed
    On hearing the swear words we cast

    Then into the bar with his head hung down low
    Towards the one who had given the tip?
    And he’d give them a rollicking for the tip that they gave
    And for them they would give him no lip

    Billy always said of the horses that lost
    They were donkeys just fit for a beach
    For they’d be harmless giving kids rides up and down
    Leaving them and the track out of reach

    But the race scene and track it was close to his heart
    And the colours of the shirts jockeys wore
    And the sound of the hooves on the turf on the track
    And the crowd’s encouraging roar

    But no more is there a race course in the Park
    And no more is our Billy around
    But the donkeys are still given rides on the beach
    With gentle thuds as their feet hit the ground

    Back in the 60s we may not have had a lot of money but we knew how to have fun.
    I loved going to the Park races especially with my best work mate Billy Browne as he was great fun and it was never dull when Billy was around.
    Billy knew all the jockeys and a lot of the owners and trainers as well and could chat with the best of them.
    He would get a lot of tips that sometimes won but more times lost.
    He always said betting was a mugs game but back then we were prepared to risk a few bob to increase what little we had in our pockets.
    The only money we gambled was what we had as our pocket money; Billy always put his family first and made sure his wife Kitty was looked after when he won.
    As I was only a lad I suppose Billy was a good role model and I made sure my mother got her share of my wages and my winnings when I won.
    I don’t have a bet anymore as I treasure what pension I have and don’t want to see the bookies increasing their retirement money.
    I still love watching the races on telly and I pick out a horse in the races I watch and if they win I don’t get annoyed that I didn’t back them as I also picked a lot of donkeys as well.
    Sadly the Phoenix Park racecourse closed in the late 1990s due to financial difficulties and never reopened.
    But I will always remember all the good times myself and Billy had there.
    My poem is dedicated to my old friend Billy who is no longer with us.

  2. Admin says:

    An excellent piece as always Tony!

    Thanks again for your contributions.

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