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Autumn in the Phoenix Park


Autumn in the Phoenix Park

The autumn time has come once more
And trees are changing their attire
Some leaves they show a vibrant splay
Of greens and yellows and red that glows like fire

And when the dawn awakes
And the sun it dances in the sky
And its rays reflects the colours there
A dappled reflection to the naked eye

To bring a beauty to behold
To wake all senses within us
That shows us natures loving way
Of bringing happiness without a fuss

And at dusk the sun dips down low
And hides behind the giant like trees
And the shadow of the darkness shows
To leave our minds at silent ease

Remembering all the beauty there
Of nature displaying its vibrant scene
Like a kaleidoscope as the sun it shines
To leave us feeling so serene

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    Over the Bar for a Pint 10th October 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    Cross over the Liffey’s waters
    Across the Ha’penny Bridge
    And ponder as you look down
    At its water’s like a fridge

    For its winter time in Ireland
    As you head for Temple Bar
    It’s the liveliest place in Dublin
    With the entertainment well on par

    In some quarters there’s rock and roll music
    Others have live ballad nights
    Some people go there just to party
    Others go to see the sights

    And the bar food is advertised
    On the billboards everywhere
    Some call out their succulent menu
    In a jovial Dublin air

    But I just go there for the buzz
    Enjoying everything that’s there
    From the cobbled streets I walk on
    To meals and drinks I share

    As there’s always new friends to talk to
    While the Guinness freely flows
    For us dubs will talk forever
    That’s the way our friendships grows

    And next morning with our sore heads
    We’ll remember what we done
    When we went to Temple Bar
    To down some pints and had some fun

    When I get home on holidays one of the things I love to do is ramble around some of the old areas of Dublin that bring back fond memories.
    Myself and my wife Geraldine loved going to Harold’s Cross greyhound racing track, it was a great night out for us.
    We never won a lot but the buzz was always there and we both loved it.
    One of the other places we loved going was Temple Bar and would head there after our usual walk around town.
    We would walk from Jarvis Street across Ha’penny Bridge and stop to see the lights along each bank reflect off the Liffey’s water’s.

    There was always something magical about the reflection of the light’s dancing in the darkness on the waves in the river.
    Sadly when I go there now I only have memories of those times when I had my beloved by my side.
    My wife loved going for a meal in Temple Bar and afterwards we’d have a drink in one of the bars that had ballads playing.
    I still go there when I’m home on holidays and have a meal with my brother and sisters as it brings back fond memories of those happy times with my wife.
    Now when I stop on the Ha’penny Bridge I feel my wife is still beside me watching those twinkling lights on the water surface and I tell her “they’re dancing just for you”.

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